Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Are Touring Wales as Part of St. David’s Day Celebrations

Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge are introducing themselves to the region that they will one day represent as part of St. David’s Day, a holiday that has been recognized since the 12th century. As part of their tour the future Prince and Princess of Wales, visited Pant Farm near Abergavenny, the Abergavenny Market and youth club at Blaenavon Hwb in Blaenavon.

The royal couple first arrived at the family owned and run Pant Farm, where Catherine enjoyed the attentions of goats kept on the farm, though her husband seemed less keen as one bit his hand. The farm produces milk from dairy goats, which is used by local cheese makers.

As part of their purpose for the visit, the couple were seeing how the “role of small businesses in local communities – from farm, to market, to table.”

On their Instagram stories, the couple wrote: “Understanding about the importance of the agricultural industry to people in rural communities.

“Working with local businesses, promoting local produce and sustainable practices you can really see how farms like this are the lifeblood of the community.”

During the visit, Catherine shared about how their three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis—are also learning to care for farm animals during the half term, most likely at their home Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

For the future King of England Prince George, his job is “moving the feed,” per his mother.

Prince William added that his children are all getting involved, stating: “We are trying some Agroforestry as well.”

As part of his environmental efforts, and in the process of preparing to inherit the Duchy of Cornwall, Prince William and his wife have worked to increase their understanding of sustainable production. Prince William even took several agriculture courses at Cambridge University.

The stylish pair had a quick change of clothes before heading out to the historic Abergavenny Market, where the couple toured the various venders and met with a large crowd of well-wishers.

To end the day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent time at a local youth center in Blaenavon, which helps support over 600 young people. The town of Blaenavon has had some economic challenges over years, which can put strain on a community, and the center helps provide a “space for alternative education and supporting care-experienced and vulnerable young people.”

The couple also made some traditional Welsh cakes and finished up the day by planting a tree as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy, to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

These types of visits are incredibly crucial for the royal family, as they look to shore support after several controversies have plagued the monarchy over the last few years. That Prince William and Catherine went instead of Prince Charles and Camilla is another sign as well that the couple are ever closer to inheriting the titles of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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