Meghan Markle’s Lies Come Back to Haunt Her, Litigation Happy Duchess Is Now Facing Lawsuit from Her Sister Samantha Markle

Meghan Markle may finally be getting a dose of her own medicine, as the former actress is being sued by her own sister, Samantha, over the false narrative Meghan has allegedly given about her childhood to the press, Prince Harry and the royal family. If Samantha wins, it will reveal Meghan as a liar who spun the world and her husband a “fairy tale” rags to riches story that had little basis in reality, damaging the reputation of her family in the process. t

Who is Meghan Markle?

Though the former actress has become one of the most talked about women in the last several years, at least in royal circles, the public both knows a little and a lot about the so-called Duchess of Sussex.

Generally, there are a lot of questions about what Meghan said that is true and what is false.

Her tale that she single-handedly changed a major corporation’s campaign as a child by writing a letter is ludicrous, and yet she maintains this delusional belief from her childhood.

She also claims that she lived in poverty as a child, despite going to dance classes and private schools, an expense that would be out of reach for a family that was truly impoverished.

But it’s the claims about her family that have resulted in the most questions. Due to Meghan’s dismissiveness of the Markle’s, half her family has been maligned in the media.

Now, one of them is fighting back against Meghan’s lies, deceptions and half-truths via a lawsuit.

Samantha Markle has filed a lawsuit, which aims to correct Meghan’s victimhood narrative into something a little closer to the truth.

Since becoming attached to a prince, Meghan has ignored her half-siblings, Samantha and Thomas Jr. The former actress who has claimed to Harry and the world that she had virtually no contact with them growing up and that they were essentially strangers to her.

In court documents, Samantha disagrees stating: “Samantha picked up Meghan from school; took Meghan for ice cream and to the mall regularly, and spent many family holidays with the Defendant.”

“Meghan’s father was Meghan’s primary care-giver and Meghan and Samantha saw each other regularly.”

It adds: “This is an attempt by Meghan to create the false impression that Meghan was essentially an only child with no contact with other family members, or as Meghan stated on Oprah, that she had ‘’no siblings’.”

“Meghan apparently wanted to convince the public that her family members knew nothing about her life and, thus, were not qualified to contradict the false narrative Meghan had fabricated about her life.”

Meghan’s lawyer dismissed the claims, telling TMZ: “This baseless and absurd lawsuit is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior.”

Her attorney added: “We will give it the minimum attention necessary, which is all it deserves.”

That’s doubtful.

Meghan has carefully crafted this victim narrative where Prince Harry can feel like the hero who saved her. If it comes to light that half of what she told him was a lie or a half-truth, and that her early life with the Markle’s was entirely different than what he’s been told, what does that mean for the future of their relationship?

How can Harry or anyone continue in a marriage with someone who has lied about the most basic aspects of themselves?

That’s why despite Meghan’s dismissiveness, she’s likely sweating a bit behind-the-scenes as her manufactured life, perfectly tailored to her husband’s needs, falls apart.

And though it could be said that Samantha is just looking for a payout, she has only asked for $75,000. That’s a pretty small amount for a woman supposedly worth millions. It’s a sign that the truth here is the more important pursuit.

Hopefully, this will go to trial and the world will get a peak behind the one woman act called “Meghan Markle: Famous Actress, Duchess of Sussex, Humanitarian, Professional Victim, the Most Trolled Woman on the Internet.”

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