Prince Harry, Rodeo Cowboy? Latest Sign that Trouble is Brewing for the Former Working Royal and His Wife, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is an accomplished horseman and polo player, but are things so tough in Montecito, California that he’s looking to take his riding skills to the U.S. rodeo circuit? Probably not, but his surprising appearance at a rodeo convention in Fort Worth, Texas is raising a few eyebrows. It’s perhaps another sign that all is not well for Harry and Meghan Markle, who have struggled to make any kind of notable impact in Hollywood after two years.

The news broke late yesterday, via Meghan’s friend Omid Scobie, that Prince Harry was at the Stockyards Rodeo in Fort Mills over the weekend. The former working royal did his best impression of a rancher in the Australian Outback while checking out a mostly American pastime.

Former bull rider-turned trainer Cory Melton shared that the former royal had an interest in trying the highly dangerous sport of bull riding, “But the airline lost his rigging bag….”

Cory’s company posted about the visit, stating, “Prince Harry hanging out at the rodeo this week… We get a lot of rodeo royalty but this is the first prince I’ve seen.”

Not much else is known about Harry’s time in Texas, but several have pointed out how the prince’s time in the Lone Star state could result in problems back home.

“Given he has such a lack of respect for the First Amendment and his wife is such an animal rights activist – it is shocking he thought he could show his face here,” an attendee said, adding: “The funny thing is most people didn’t recognize him or care.”

And there’s the rub.

Harry and Meghan might get a lot of media attention, but it isn’t translating into either cash nor the clout they anticipated.

This visit doesn’t scream royalty, but reality television.

Is he filming his own version of “The Simple Life: Royalty.” A down home and privileged prince spends time with rodeo cowboys to learn about how real Americans live.

If this turns out to be the case, he and Meghan are truly at risk of becoming court jesters and international laughing stocks.

In addition to this bizarre trip, which no one noticed until Scobie broke the news, there are growing reports of trouble in Montecito. Magazine covers talk about divorce and the two being terrible bosses. In addition, reports from The Telegraph talk about a reclusive Meghan, a wondering Harry and a troubling lack of content.

There is clearly trouble brewing in paradise.

The post-royal life Harry and Meghan envisioned was ambitious and they were able to secure several deals—however, their business partners are quickly finding out that the Sussex’s offer little in terms of substance.

Meghan believed that getting a couple of “Suits” lines changed and minimizing more sexual scenes while running a mildly successful blog could translate to being the producer of television shows, cartoons, movies and documentaries.

Harry is even worse, as it’s increasingly evident that without his royal team minding the prince has little to offer.

This Megxit venture is looking more and more like a catastrophic failure. Much like the mythological character of Icarus, Harry and Meghan believed that they were invincible, destined for world wide success and better than the rest of the royal family.

They were mistaken. As it turns out royalty and proximity to the throne is what made them noteworthy, without that they’re nothing more than a former c-list actress and blogger married to a one-time coddled soldier and trust fund baby.

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