Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Forceful PDA Takes Center Stage at Opening of the 2020 Invictus Games

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made public displays of affection, or PDA, a central aspect of their branding as a royal couple, attempting to look less stiff and more in love than other members of the monarchy by pawing at each other in public. However, as reports seem to indicate the couple are leading separate lives, their PDA sessions look a little less natural and a little bit more forced.

As part of the opening day ceremony of the Games, Meghan debuted several exceedingly expensive outfits while attempting to seem interested in some of the Land Rover events.

In an effort to engage her husband, Meghan seemed put push the PDA and tried to engage him as much as possible, though often his attention was on the event itself or someone else he was trying to greet. Stunningly, after seeming to acquest to Meghan at most royal engagements, Harry stepped in front of Meghan to greet those attending the event, leaving his wife to follow behind.

It may have taken almost four years, but either Meghan is finally learning royal protocol or Harry is less inclined to let her lead.

For the evening opening ceremony, which looked a little less crowded than in previous years, Meghan yet again took the stage to introduce her husband. As she has minimal involvement in the Invictus Games, the only way she could command the attention is to get herself on stage.

While introducing her husband, Meghan made sure to mention that he is the father of their two children, Archie and Lilibet, as if the audience wasn’t familiar with their progeny.

To fully sell themselves as a happy couple, Harry also kissed Meghan on stage as he went to take the mic to start his speech. This is at least the second time they’ve done a full kiss in front of the cameras, besides their wedding.

In 2018, shortly after their wedding, Meghan and Harry kissed after a polo event, which is rather unusual for royal couples. In comparison, after a polo game early in their marriage, Catherine gave William a much more professional peck on the cheek.

While it could be argued that Harry and Meghan are a “private” couple, the Invictus Games generously used their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, even making sure to capitalize “The” before their name.

Though Prince Harry would have to make an appearance, it would have been much better for Meghan instead of trying to paw at her husband whenever she can.

Looking at pictures, it seemed like the couple’s interactions were a little bit more forced than in previous years.

Harry, in particular, didn’t seem interested in giving Meghan the attention she seems to desperately need. His body language in several pictures was closed off to her, as if he was trying to get away or shield himself from her clinginess.

This is clear especially in one picture, as she’s grabbed his hand completely and he looks more annoyed than anything. This is quite the change from when they first attended the Invictus Games as a royal couple in 2018 in Australia.

Reports from Montecito seem to indicate that the couple are already leading somewhat separate lives, as Harry has been seen out and about quite a bit and Meghan is always ensconced in her mansion.

Between the pressure of a multimillion-dollar mortgage, a failing production business, a charity with pennies in the coffers, clearly the stress of leading a less than ideal life in the Golden State.

It’s because of that that their PDA doesn’t seem an expression of love as much as it is a show for Netflix and the world. An illusion to deflect from a crumbling façade of Hollywood movers and shakers, who left the monarchy only to find that their prospects weren’t as great as they believed.

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