Royal Family Stalls Talks Over Excess Press Leaks by Prince Harry and Meghan

When it comes to privacy, Prince Harry and Meghan are adamant that they should be able to live a life without press intrusion—however, that seems to only apply when it suits them and doesn’t extend to private family matters.

After the funeral of Prince Philip, many predicted that the Prince Harry would soon be mending his relationship with the family. As this publication previously predicted, that hasn’t occurred. Though there were some initial conversations, that’s all ceased due as Prince Charles and Prince William feel like aspects of the discussions are quickly leaked to the press. 

As reported by the U.K. tabloid The Sun, no “meaningful conversations” have taken place since the funeral. There remain “deep misgivings about any future clear-the-air discussions with Harry,” citing a “flurry” of articles published within hours of Harry’s return to the City of Angels. 

People Magazine has reported that Meghan had a conversation with the Queen on the day of the funeral, and that she and Archie spoke with her earlier last week. More details of the conversation may show up in Friday’s addition of the magazine. 

We also know, via People, that Harry and his wife were in touch every day and that she constantly reassured him not to “worry.”

As they live in multi-million-dollar neighborhood with staff, security and other amenities most families can only dream about, the concern seems a bit excessive. Though she is in the later months of her pregnancy, it’s not like she is on bedrest or seemingly has any other major health issue at this time. (At at least I hope not, pregnancy at her age can increase complications, something I don’t wish on anyone.) Meghan was pictured with Archie this week, via her often-used Backgrid paparazzi company, and is clearly remaining active in her third trimester.

This isn’t the only leak that has occurred.

Omid Scobie, whom The Daily Mail now calls a “her friend” and The Sun a “pal” and not a royal reporter, has shared that Harry’s “love and respect” for his grandmother is “unwavering” and the “trip was to honor his grandfather and support his grandmother and relatives.”

“It was very much a family-focused period of time. Saturday broke the ice for future conversations but outstanding issues have not been addressed at any great length,” Scobie said. “The family simply put their issues to one side to focus on what mattered.”

It’s unclear how Scobie sharing that information will help “the family put aside their issues,” when the leaking to the press is very much the issue that the family has with the ex-royal couple.

Scobie again shared that Meghan and Prince Philip “grew very close…over the years” and that her “relations with the family will now be smaller” with his death.  

“Although Meghan isn’t here, she is of course supporting Harry,” he said. “Her mind is very much on the situation over here. We know that she’s supporting Harry in this very difficult week for him, but she’ll also be sad because this is also the loss of a family member for her.

“She grew very close to the Queen and Prince Philip over the recent years.”

But it’s unclear how. Meghan spent only a little over a year in the United Kingdom and declined the opportunity to visit Balmoral in Scotland, where the elder royal couple stayed in the summer. It was an invitation extended to all other family members and most everyone accepted based on a picture shared of the Queen and the Duke with all their great-grandchildren in 2018, before Archie was born.

If she did have this incredibly close relationship, which was reciprocated, why no picture of Meghan or Archie was included in the family’s memorial photos of Philips? Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words, and if they did have a photo of the former Suits star and the Duke, surely that would have been shared with the rest of the world.

But all of this raises the question, if this couple is so invested in privacy, why share so many details. Sometimes a sign of deception is over talking or over sharing. If something is true, why constantly share every little detail? 

One last example, every family member of the royal family likely contributed a wreath for Prince Philip’s funeral, but the only one we know the details of and who provided it is Harry and Meghan, who apparently wrote a letter in her fancy cursive that she call’s calligraphy. 

Why did she share that information? Is that supposed to convince the public about how much she cared for the Duke, the man who she probably only interacted with a handful of times and had not physically seen his her or his great-grandson in well over a year.

Family is incredibly important and pontificating over the internet and through designated spokespeople does not prove anything about your relationship. It’s the little things, like those incredibly blurry photos of Kate and Charles saying goodbye after the funeral. That kind of interaction, which was clearly caught without their awareness and utterly natural, demonstrates how close they are.

Also, if Meghan had a real relationship with The Duke, why would she take his great-grandson and grandson to the other side of the world so she could pursue her Hollywood dream? 

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