Prince Louis Celebrates His Third Birthday, First Paparazzi Pictures of Archie Emerge

The Cambridge’s youngest son, Prince Louis, celebrated his third birthday today, and Kensington Palace shared an image of the little tyke on a red balance bike. As with most of the birthday pictures of the Cambridge children, it was taken by his mother, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince Louis was born at 11:01 a.m. on April 23, 2018 at St. Mary’s Hospital, where he siblings and father and uncle were born. He is the third Cambridge child, and their second son. He is currently fifth in line to the British throne.

At the tender age of three, he has already stolen the hearts of the British people, and his parents as well. His christening photos, specifically the one of him smiling with his mom, were incredibly sweet and showed their close relationship. It’s really evident that Catherine treasured the development of what is likely her last child, despite the public being hungry for Cambridge baby #4.

There was also his first appearance on the balcony at the 2019 Trooping of the Colors, where the young prince, about halfway through their appearance, was in his mother’s arms and then reached out for his father and held by his father.

It was incredibly sweet and showed that not only is Catherine a real hands-on-parent, but William is as well.

Earlier this week, the birthday boy started his education at Willcocks Nursery School in London.

Around the same time the picture of Prince Louis was shared on the official Kensington social media pages, a picture emerged of a heavily pregnant Meghan carrying Archie to his preschool. The photo was taking on the Queen’s birthday, Wednesday April 21. The rarely seen child had a beanie on his head, though the temperature this time of year ranges from 58 to 68 degrees. 

Perhaps the child is so used to the warm weather that anytime it dips below 65 he needs to go out in full winter wear.

The timing of the picture of is rather suspect, as Meghan has a tendency to try and overshadow other royals and notable dates. 

For example, Meghan apparently announced her first pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding and wore a coat with the last couple of buttons undone, an attempt to stir speculation. It worked.

She also released pictures of a private visit to the National Theatre on the same day that Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall gave an important speech on domestic violence.

Generally, royals try to coordinate their schedules and calendars in order to not create conflict and in order to let individual members shine at the appropriate time.

Meghan didn’t really adhere to this agreement—and it seems that the former C-list actress is still intent to try and steal the limelight as much as possible. 

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