Post-Oprah Interview Fallout – Meghan and Harry’s Popularity Continues to Plummet

A new poll shows that Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s popularity continues to plummet in the United Kingdom. The couple’s unfavorable ratings are so bad, that even Prince Andrew, an accused pedophile, has seen a very slight increase in his favorability ratings in comparison to theirs.

Released by YouGov, the poll shows that nearly all the senior royals saw higher favorability ratings, with Prince Charles and Prince Edward seeing the most significant increases. 

The report shows that Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son, saw positive public opinion rise from 41% in March to 54%. Britons who have a negative opinion of Prince Edward dropped from 26% to 19%.

Prince Charles also saw a significant increase, to 58% of Britons having a positive opinion of him. Those that have a negative opinion dropped nine points to 33%.

The three most popular royals, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, all saw their favorability increase by about five points each to 85, 80 and 78, respectively. For these royals, negative opinions fell about four points to 9, 12 and 11.

By comparison, the Montecito duo didn’t fair quite as well.

The poll shows that Prince Harry, despite being the most popular royal at one time, is now tied with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall with 43% of Britons having a positive opinion. 

For the prince, that’s a staggering 34 point drop over the last three years. In 2018, he was more popular than even the Queen with 77% having a favorable opinion and the Queen was three points behind at 74%.

Currently, half of Britons have a negative opinion of Harry, who respondents previously considered “admirable, likeable, humorous, fun-loving, and genuine.” 

It appears like mansions in California don’t buy happiness or positive public opinion.

Meghan saw positive opinion of her continue to fall, to a paltry 29% and negative opinion has grown three points to 61%. 

However, the Duchess of Montecito can take solace in that only 10% of Britons have a positive opinion of Prince Andrew, though he saw an increase of 3 points. He is the only one that remains less popular than she does in this latest poll.

So, what does this mean for the Hollywood duo? 

It’s clear that the only one who won in the Oprah Winfrey interview, is Oprah Winfrey.

While the couple did see a brief increase in positive opinion before the Oprah interview—however, it clearly didn’t last long and the allegations against the palace, despite being incendiary and explosive, had a shorter shelf life than the couple thought.

These results could really put the couple’s future business deals in jeopardy, if they’re not already.

According to Omid Scobie, who the Daily Express describes as the author of the “fabulously pro-Meghan” Finding Freedomclaims that the couple are not planning on releasing any projects anytime soon and are working to create a “long-lasting legacy.”

Umm, okay…

It’s doubtful that Netflix and Spotify feel the same. Business doesn’t care about their “legacy,” it’s driven by money. If the couple aren’t producing anything, these businesses aren’t going to shell out millions upon millions for the couple to sit there and contemplate what their future might look like.

They produced one middling podcast, that had only a so-so performance. Earlier this month, they announcedtheir first Netflix documentary, which will focus on those training for the upcoming Invictus Games. This effort was quickly accused of exploiting wounded veterans and what was once a charity for money. It also shows a limited amount of creative promise.

What about Archewell Foundation? Right now, it’s pretty much a data harvesting with only vague details about the direction that it will take. Their executive director already left after about a year working with them is said to have “wanted out” had to fill “a great many functions for the couple,” i.e., much more than her job entailed. It fits a pattern, as her departure follows accusations that Meghan bullied her royal staff.

As journalist Jack Shafter stated, “In order to stay commercially relevant, they’ll have to produce great content for Netflix and Spotify before their novelty wears off. That’s no easy feat.”

And it’s clear, the interest is already waning.

No English papers purchased Meghan’s recent paparazzi shots of her and Archie, which some already believe was a rather desperate move on her part to both upstage Prince Louis’ birthday and get attention for their tanking brand.

The question of their titles is also very much in question.

Post-Oprah, YouGov reported that 49% of Britons wanted Harry and his children removed from the line of succession. 

If the couple no longer have the royal connection, what are they? Just a C-list actress with a now defunct blog and a man who barely graduated high school and had an average military career.

Without those titles or the royal connection, will Spotify and Netflix stick around, especially if they remain so deeply unpopular?

The answer is likely no. Being royal got them in the door, but Meghan and Harry either create, compelling engaging content, and quickly, or kiss their Hollywood dreams goodbye.

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