Prince Harry Apparently “Shocked” By “Frosty” Reception at Funeral, May Skip Out on Diana Statue Unveiling

Prince Harry was reportedly “shocked” that his family members gave him a rather “frosty” reception at the funeral of Prince Philip, as if he was expecting a warm and celebratory reception after trashing his family on global television while his grandfather was dying.

If this report is true, then he really is the Earl of Dumb-barton (get it?) or the bright lights of Hollywood is really beginning to turn his brain to mush

Russell Meyers, who is the royal editor of the Daily Mirror, made the statement during an interview on talkRADIO. 

“Some quarters of the family did give him a frosty reception and perhaps that did shock him somewhat,” Meyers said.

Due to the situation, Myers suggested that Harry might pull out of the upcoming unveiling of a statue of Princess Diana on what would have been her 60th birthday, using the birth of his daughter as a “convenient excuse” to avoid facing his family.

The interview with Oprah Winfrey apparently still remains on the minds of many members of the family and that “might not be good news for Harry.”

Radio host Kevin O’Sullivan threw in his two cents, saying, “Harry looked very out of sorts during his stay. I’m wondering whether he received a very, very cold reception? I read that some quarters of the royal family literally just blocked him and didn’t even talk to him.

“I think he may have been a bit shocked by the cool reception he got from his family, which begs the question, will he come back for the unveiling of the Diana memorial with his brother in July? Or will he pull out of that?”

Russell dismissed this notion, he said, “I’m told he is still committed to coming. Both camps are. Certainly Kate and William will welcome him if he wants to come back. His intention is to come back. One may wonder, if his wife has just had a baby, I’m sure he could jump on a private jet and made a flying visit. But, will it be a convent excuse so he doesn’t have to come back and face the family?”

It’s an interesting question, and something that William and Catherine must also be debating. 

The idea that the senior royal couple would simply “welcome” Harry back is likely a bit of a stretch. Though time can heal some wounds, it won’t heal them all and Meghan did tell the world that Catherine made her cryright before her wedding. That kind of global accusation likely still stings, especially as all reports indicate that it was the other way around. 

Kate making Meghan cry seems to only exist in Meghan’s version of events, no others.

There’s also the profoundly disturbing rumor about the real reason why Diana’s daughters-in-law had a falling out and were never close.

According to a story floating around the internet, the real reason for the bridesmaid breakdown is that Meghan called Princess Charlotte “fat” after the little girl’s bridesmaid dress apparently did not fit. This rumor has made the rounds on Tumblr and could be true, as many instances of Meghan’s bullying, including throwing a hot drink at a staff member, was eventually verified by the press (though it was just The Sun).

The story somewhat fits how the royals behaved at the wedding. Looking at pictures of Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress, the hem of skirt looked almost completely unfinished and uneven, as if it was cut just minutes before the little princess walked out the door. 

There’s also the way William and Catherine kept their children with them, instead of allowing them to follow the rest of the young bridal party. In comparison to Princess Eugenie’s wedding, when the young royals went along with the rest of the bridesmaids and page boys and stood on the front steps of Windsor Castle. 

Another story also has it that Meghan Markle constantly praised Jessica Mulroney’s daughter, Ivy, while disparaging Charlotte and kicking up a bit of a huff that she had to include the future Princess Royal and future king in her wedding party. 

It’s unclear if either of these stories were true, or if the real bust up really was about tights. We’re unlikely to get to the truth unless it comes out as Buckingham Palace investigates bullying accusations against Meghan and Harry, but based on these stories, it’s doubtful that Prince Harry will mend his relationship with his brother anytime soon. 

Their relationship will likely only begin to heal when Meghan is out of the picture.

So, the frosty reception that Harry received—he should have expected. To think that he would be lovingly embraced after publicly calling them all racists borders on delusion. 

In order to rebuild his relationship with his family and regain their trust, Prince Harry and his wife will have to apologize about how they’ve treated the family in public and in private. 

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