Is Meghan Markle Already Making the Case for Divorcing Prince Harry? Why the Royal’s Revelations May Come Back to Bite Him

Prince Harry has been making the mental health circuit, talking about his mental health issues, emotional issues and dependence on alcohol and drugs to help him cope with the death of his mother. Of course, this all changed when Meghan Markle came on the scene. She saved him, according to Harry, but he may soon live to regret the day he met his now wife.

Blind Gossip,” a Hollywood gossip website that introduces celebrity stories that have yet to make it to the mainstream press, shared a rather interesting tale about Meghan and Harry. 

While the hapless prince may be thinking that he’s making a difference in the mental health arena, he also just might be giving his wife ammunition to claim mental, emotional and, potentially, even physical abuse when she files for divorce.

Yes, it’s not if she files for divorce, it’s when.

The article, entitled “She Is a Velociraptor,” makes the comparison to the intelligent dinosaur in the Jurassic Park films and the moment where game warden Rober Muldoon goes against the beast. He doesn’t survive the encounter.

He famously utters, “Clever girl,” when he realizes that she outsmarted him.

“Blind Gossip” reports, “This reminds us of a couple of stories we have told you in the past.

“There’s the one about a famous son who participated in an particularly problematic binge involving drugs and alcohol. His family allegedly pulled him home and dispatched an entire team to go door to door in a large city to gather any evidence that he had engaged in illegal activity. Then his family made him go through rehab.”

Other allegations that the palace supposedly covers up also includes illegitimate children. 

A source argues that Harry’s very public discussions on his mental health issues is all a setup, “No. It was to help her. She set him up for the kill and he went along because he isn’t very bright.

“He just admitted to three serious issues (alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and anger issues) in a public forum AND admitted that all of these issues have occurred in the past few years. That was really dumb.”

This is incredibly important, as it sets up Meghan to potentially argue that her royal husband isn’t as loving as she has claimed, but unstable and sometimes violent behind the scenes. These allegations could not only impact his ability to see his children but would also potentially damage his ability to rejoin the royal family. Despite all he’s done, the royal family would still likely accept their wayward prince when he finally comes home, most likely groveling in shame.

What does this mean for Harry?

The source continued, “She successfully set him up and he fell for it. She even got him to testify against himself in public. He doesn’t even realize what he’s done.

“Now she now has enough leverage against him and his family to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

“She can keep him in the marriage forever or force a huge settlement from both him and his family whenever she is ready to go.”

Now, “Blind Gossip” should be treated with a grain of salt, but stories on there have later been proven true and it does make sense to an extent. 

Meghan clearly never had any interest in the royal family, except as an avenue to achieve Hollywood superstardom. It would be fairly easy for her to make a strong case of his instability by simply using his words against him.

However, if she does try to make that case, will it work? Yes, he’s seemingly unstable, but they’ve put up a united image and said that he went above and beyond to protect her. But Harry and Meghan have also told an inordinate number of lies, which damages both of them.

Either way, the divorce is coming. Whether it’s this year, in the next couple or maybe even a decade down the line, their relationship has an expiration date. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, the split is amicable, and the children will not be too heavily scared from the war of the Sussex’s.

Picture from The Mercury News.

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