The Royal Family Gets Back to Business and Continue to Ignore Harry and Meghan’s Antics

The rest of the British royal family is getting back to work, after taking almost a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the latest televised pity session from Prince Harry. It’s clear that though the pandemic may have limited the possibilities of royal tours and visits, normalcy is finally returning.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has been touring Scotland and will be joined by his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, on Monday. It’s an opportunity for the two senior royals to reconnect with the Scottish people and to restart royal tours, albeit on a smaller and more localized scale.

The Duke of Cambridge has participated in several events, including being formally welcomed as the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

As part of the event, he delivered a speech, stating, “Her Majesty has always attached the greatest importance to the personal appointment of a Lord High Commissioner each year. It signals the reaffirmation of these values and acknowledges the integral role the Church plays in Scottish life.

“My appointment is therefore both a great honour, and a humbling opportunity.”

The speech also became personal, with the Duke mentioning both the loss of his mother and meeting his wife, Catherine at St. Andrews University.

“Scotland is incredibly important to me and will always have a special place in my heart,” Prince William said.

“I’ve been coming to Scotland since I was a small boy. As I grew up, I saw how my grandmother relishes every minute she spends here. And my father is never happier than when walking among the hills.

“My childhood was full of holidays having fun in the fresh air and swimming in lochs, family barbeques with my grandfather in command, and yes – the odd midge,” he continued.

“In short, Scotland is the source of some of my happiest memories.

“But also, my saddest.  

“I was in Balmoral when I was told that my mother had died.

“Still in shock, I found sanctuary in the service at Crathie Kirk that very morning.

“And in the dark days of grief that followed, I found comfort and solace in the Scottish outdoors.

“As a result, the connection I feel to Scotland will forever run deep. And yet alongside this painful memory, is one of great joy.

“Because it was here in Scotland – twenty years ago this year – that I first met Catherine.

“Needless to say, the town where you meet your future wife holds a very special place in your heart.

“George, Charlotte and Louis already know how dear Scotland is to both of us, and they are starting to build their own happy memories here too.” 

He also did an event connecting to his Earthshot Prize, where he drove an energy efficient racing vehicle. Per his Instagram, “Extreme E Live are working to positively change the dial on climate change, with their electric vehicles being charged using zero-emission energy.”

When Catherine joins him on Monday, the couple are going to visit Edinburgh, Fife, St. Andrews, and Orkney. Details of their visit is still forthcoming. 

The Queen was also out and about, visiting the country’s latest aircraft carrier before it sets sail for the South China Sea. 

Wearing a bright, the Queen looked in high spirits as she supported the launching of her namesake, the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall recently undertook a short tour of Northern Ireland. In addition to a meeting in the City of Belfast, the couple also went to a silversmith’s shop and looked around an open-air market.

It’s great to see the royals finally getting to engagement personally with the people throughout the U.K. after a yearlong break, and it’s especially important as a counter to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s increasingly wild antics.

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