Meghan and Harry Named Their Daughter Lilibet, Is it a Sweet Homage or Hypocritical and Invasive to the Memory of Prince Philip?

The decision by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to name their daughter Lilibet is being described by many as a lovely homage to her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. However, to most it comes across as a desperate ploy by two publicity starved ex-royals who are franticly trying to maintain their royal connections and relevancy, despite bashing the Queen and the extended royal family for months. 

When the name Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana, it was both surprising and not surprising. Rumors had persisted that the couple would play up the royal connection and the name “Lily” had been floating around in articles for months. 

According to the couple, “Lili is named after her great-grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen, whose family nickname is Lilibet. Her middle name, Diana, was chosen to honor her beloved late grandmother, The Princess of Wales.”

But the use of the Queen’s exceptionally personal nickname, one that she was only called by her parents, sister and her husband Prince Philip, who died just on April 9th, is rubbing much of the public the wrong way.

To many, this author included, it seems exceptionally invasive and rather strange to take a name that was so personal to the Queen and one only so few in her life used, all of whom are now deceased.

Though reports are somewhat mixed, it seems like there are indications that the Queen is not necessarily happy with the decision.

In an interview with “Good Morning Britain,” royal author Angela Levin said: “I think she’s desperately unhappy because they were desperately rude about her.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think it’s quite rude to her Majesty the Queen.

“It was a very private nickname from her husband who hasn’t been dead for very long.

“Prince Charles would never dream of referring to his mother as Lilibet.

“He’s never used it – it was a special name, especially for the Duke of Edinburgh.”

As part of an Australian radio program, presenter Kylie Gillies said, “I do like the headline, did they ask her. Really interesting if they did ask the Queen.”

Ms Gillies continued: “They are a couple of contradictions, that’s Meghan and Harry.

“They want to be distanced from the Royal Family but then they choose to do this. If they wanted to honour their grandmother I think they should have just shut up and stop giving interviews. But if they did ask her and she thought it was lovely then more power to them.”

But, due to the rather negative press, the couple have been pushing their own PR campaign, arguing instead that the name is an “olive branch” to the royal family and that Harry always intended to give his daughter the Queen’s nickname and had discussed it with her.

Interestingly enough, perhaps the best quote is from royal author Ingrid Seward, who described the choice as “confusing.”

The royal author said: “How charming that Harry and Meghan have decided to call their daughter Lilibet or Lily as a compliment to the Queen.

“But how strange as they profess to want to remove themselves from royal life that they have chosen to use such an intimate royal nickname for their daughter.

“It was affectionately used by only her parents and her husband.

“But I am certain she will be pleased and perhaps a little confused that Prince Harry has decided to use this name.”

Nothing with Harry and Meghan seemingly makes sense. Most of their PR and interviews recently have been focused on how they hated royal life and how racist and unsupportive his family was, and yet they decided to name their daughter after the Queen. It’s both illogical, confusing and hypocritical when it comes to their own narrative.

The decision also goes to show that the couple is desperate to maintain their royal connections in any way possible. Heaven forbid the public forgets that their daughter is currently 8th in line for the throne or that Harry is the son of a future king and Archie a grandchild. 

But here’s the thing. Harry and his family will only become more and more irrelevant as time goes on. In a little over 5 years, Prince George will be 13 and well on his way to heartthrob status and Princess Charlotte will quickly be on his heels. 

Like all royal families, the focus will shift from the parents to the children, and they will draw more and more attention. So, Meghan and Harry have to maintain that royal connection, despite the supposed ills of the royal family, because, simply, the couple cannot make it on their own merits.

Meghan was a terrible actress with no range and Harry barely graduated high school. The couple doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on, and their deals with Spotify and Netflix may soon be in the gutter if the couple can’t produce anything. It’s been about a year now, and we have no indication about their projects and now they’re taking off supposedly 20 weeks (from what is a bit of a mystery) to spend time with baby Lilibet. 

This latest child is just another ploy to try and gain some publicity and regain some of their influence. However, if I were Meghan or Harry, I would be rather worried. Their future prospects are somewhat bleak.

Picture from Mambee.

6 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry Named Their Daughter Lilibet, Is it a Sweet Homage or Hypocritical and Invasive to the Memory of Prince Philip?

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  3. I Think it was Despicable to name to name the child Lilibet, Why Meghan & Harry could’ve have Named Their Daughter Rachel Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Orpah Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Liberty Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Ruth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Doria Diana Mountbatten-Windsor all would be Better than Lilibet,


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