Prince Edward and Wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Deliver Some Subtle Shade to Harry, Meghan and Oprah

Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie The Countess of Wessex, are stepping up in the royal family and have delivered several interesting interviews in the last several days. In addition to sharing how the Queen is coping with the loss of her husband Prince Philip, her youngest son and his wife are throwing some very subtle shade at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It started with an interview in The Telegraph, where the royal couple were asked about Prince Harry and Meghan’s controversial sit-down with Oprah Winfrey.

“Oprah who?” Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, joked.

Sophie chimed in, “You know, if you’re not into chat shows, there’s no reason why you should know who she is. Certainly not in this country, anyway.”

That’s quite a burn from the couple, who are now prominently displayed above Harry and Meghan’s profile on the royal website.

When asked about the Hollywood duo’s allegations of racism, Sophie responded simply that they are “still a family no matter what.”

Though her comment elicited a bit of controversy on the internet (what doesn’t these days), it was also a reflection of how the royal family are looking to distance themselves from Harry and Meghan and their interview with Oprah.  

In another recent interview with CNN, when asked about Harry and Meghan again, Prince Edward stated, “Weirdly we’ve all been there before – we’ve all had excessive intrusion and attention in our lives.

“And we’ve all dealt with it in slightly different ways, and we wish them the very best of luck. It’s a really hard decision.”

When the topic moved to little Lilibet, who’s name caused quite a bit of controversy as it’s the Queen’s deeply private nickname, Edward said, “Fantastic news about the baby – that’s great. I hope they’ll be very happy.”

His language is very interesting and fits with what much of the family has said. Essentially, we wish them luck.

It’s both a bit dismissive and highlights the divide between the Duke and Duchess of Montecito and the rest of the royal family. They don’t communicate much, and the rest of the family is hoping that at some point Harry and his wife find some peace and can stop attacking the Queen, Charles and Camilla and the Cambridges. 

At this point, unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen. But it’s clear that the palace is playing the long game and there is currently no future for Harry or Meghan in the firm.

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