The Battle Between Meghan and Harry, the Palace and the BBC, Questions Emerge Over Whether Queen Knew and Approved Lilibet’s Name

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are waging war on the BBC and by extension the Queen and palace, after the U.K.’s premier news source reported that Britain’s longest serving monarch did not approve of the couple naming their daughter Lilibet, which was a private, childhood nickname of Her Majesty.

The row started after the BBC aired a palace source who claims that the Queen did not approve Harry and Meghan using her exceptionally private childhood nickname, one used only by her parents, sister and late husband Prince Philip, for their newborn daughter. As the BBC is very close to the palace, this statement is essentially considered by many as an official admission by the Queen that her grandson stepped out of line and ignored or dismissed her wishes about the little girl’s name.

The California couple fired back, with one spokesperson stating, “The duke spoke with his family in advance of the announcement – in fact his grandmother was the first family member he called. 

“During that conversation, he shared their hope of naming their daughter Lilibet in her honour. Had she not been supportive, they would not have used the name.”

They’ve also engaged their law firm Schillings to try and force the BBC to drop the story, despite the fact that the news network had high level sources.

Richard Palmer, a royal reporter for The Daily Express, wrote in a Twitter thread, “I asked Harry and Meghan’s lawyers earlier today if they were calling the Queen a liar. They shied away from that but couldn’t explain the different version of events. It is possible, however, that Harry ‘told’ the Queen and thought she had consented but she hadn’t.

“It’s all very sad but I’m not getting the impression there’s much happiness at Windsor Castle about the choice of Lilibet as the baby’s name. It may have been an olive branch but there’s sensitivity because of any perceived attempt to use the Queen as part of the Sussex brand.”

According to reports, websites have already been purchased in the little girl’s name. To many, it’s an attempt to monetize on the Queen’s deeply personal and unique nickname and legacy, something the couple are not supposed to do and really raises questions about how the duo are trading off their royal connections to continue growing their brand.

That the announcement of a child’s name is derailing so spectacularly is rather insane but fits with a couple who seem to thrive off chaos, misery, hate, division and their own self-importance. 

It’s clear, regardless of what they think, the Queen is not a fan of the name. 

Even if the couple “asked” permission to use the name, how was the question phrased? Did they say they wanted to name their daughter in her honor? Well, that would imply Elizabeth or an alternative spelling like Elisabeth, not Lilibet. 

This is clearly not an “olive branch” as Harry and Meghan have had their PR team let the world know, but a way to monetize and capitalize off the backs of his family and the Queen’s influence. This is why there is likely no way back for Harry if he and Meghan are still married, there’s absolutely no trust.

The growing fallout of this fiasco is also why the couple should be stripped of their titles and the possibility of either of their children becoming prince or princess when Charles is King. Meghan only cares about herself, not her children, husband or family. Someone this toxic should have absolutely no influence or tie to the crown, if it wants to survive.

Picture from NBC News.

5 thoughts on “The Battle Between Meghan and Harry, the Palace and the BBC, Questions Emerge Over Whether Queen Knew and Approved Lilibet’s Name

  1. I Think it was Despicable to name to name the child Lilibet, Why Meghan & Harry could’ve have Named Their Daughter Rachel Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Orpah Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Liberty Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Ruth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Doria Diana Mountbatten-Windsor all would be Better than Lilibet,


  2. Everyone in the world who loves the Queen and monarchy knew they was lying even some Americans. They should’ve have known it would take time before the lies would come out. Harry must be wrapped around Me-agin’s fingers or something else, which would not be allow to be posted, and for him to actually lied to his grandmother what a shameful duo they are. Guess we know now who wears the pants in the Sussex family. Also I believe that Archie was born of a surrogate, the baby girl is probably borrowed.


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