Is Meghan Markle the Reason Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, Isn’t Attending the Diana Statue Unveiling

The guest list for the unveiling statue of Diana, Princess of Wales has been released, and one name is conspicuously absent, that of Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Diana’s firstborn son Prince William. 

According to the official statement, “Prince William and Prince Harry will attend a small event to mark the unveiling of a statue they commissioned of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace on Thursday 1st July.

“In addition to close family of Diana, Princess of Wales, members of the statue committee, the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, and garden designer, Pip Morrison, will also be present.

“Further details about the statue and garden will be provided on the 1st July.”

The glaring omission from this list is Prince William’s wife, Catherine.

It was expected that Meghan Markle would not attend, after all she’s recovering from childbirth in California.

But Catherine not being there is a huge surprise, as the Duchess has been married to her Prince for 10 years. Even as the patron of Wimbledon, Catherine would have no doubt passed on attending a session in order to support her husband.

So, is it possible that she hasn’t been included in order to avoid Meghan making her presence known via video or some other method? A truce that if Meghan can’t attend, Catherine can’t attend either.

It’s entirely possible, and if that is the case it is a sad reflection of Harry and William’s toxic relationship, in addition to Meghan’s inability to handle it if Catherine was seen as a unifying force for the brothers.

Though the brothers are coming together for the unveiling, no doubt, the entire event will be tension filled. Some royal experts have speculated that this occasion will bring the two back together, but this publication highly doubts that.

At this point, as long as Meghan is in the picture, there will be no full reconciliation between William and Harry.

There have been rumors circulating that Prince William and Harry hardly communicated at Prince Philip’s funeral. Though the two were seen walking back to Windsor Castle and talking together, this publication did conclude that they were simply discussing the service and the weather, nothing of importance was shared over concerns that it would be leaked by Meghan to the U.S. media, specifically Oprah Winfrey and her CBS anchor friend Gayle King.

Diana may bind the brothers together, but Meghan Markle has seemingly irreparable damaged their relationship going forward. Unfortunately for Harry, he chose the wrong woman to marry, and his family bonds have been strained and seemingly broken due to the influence of his wife.

That would deeply grieve Diana. She would want her daughter-in-law Catherine, who has brought William and her grandchildren such love and stability, to attend. Meghan, not so much. But in order to appease the petulant Harry and the conniving former actress, she is being forced to sit out.

Hopefully, when the day comes, that will not be the case and Catherine and her three children will be there standing proudly with Prince William as he remembers his mother.

Picture from Mashable.

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