Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Rift with the Royal Family Damage Their Children’s Mental Health?

It’s unlikely that Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana will have much of a relationship with their royal relatives, at least if Meghan Markle has her way. Will this strain result in damaging the two young Mountbatten-Windsor’s? That’s what the author of the Relationship Paradigm series has concluded.

Neil Wilkie recent told Express.co.uk, “Family rifts can fester and last for generations.

“It is really important that parents deal with these to avoid their children inheriting unhelpful and unnecessary bad feelings or dislocations from their wider family.”

In order to avoid this, there are two things that the parent should do. 

Wilkie said, “A rift can resonate and make children feel insecure and unloved.

“If the rift is causing you to feel angry, upset or resentful these negative emotions will spill over and pollute the life of your children.”

There’s no doubt that Archie and Lilibet have been emersed in a rather toxic environment, at least when it comes to their parents’ relationship with the royal family. Reports indicate that Archie hardly ever saw any members of his extended family before he left the U.K. 

It’s unlikely that he will be able to generate a close relationship with his royal relatives.

Wilkie continued: “If your children were very fond of the relatives concerned, they may blame you or feel that, in some way, they were to blame. You must ensure that they know that they are loved by you and that you are doing your best to resolve the problems.

“Children often believe that their relationships will have to be like their parents. So, if it is loving and harmonious, they are very fortunate and will carry that into their futures.”

Unfortunately, Meghan Markle has seemingly done everything she possibly could to damage Harry, Archie and Lilibet’s relationships with the royal family, so there are no fond memories to draw and build upon.

This will no doubt have a deep impact on the children going forwards, and there will always be a separation between the Sussex children and the rest of the royal family, even after Harry and Meghan divorce.

Due to Meghan’s alleged narcissistic and manipulative personality, she will hardly ever let Prince Harry have his children for long periods of time by himself. In addition, she has a track record of leaking private conversation, and it’s something she’ll do through her children as well. 

At some point in the near future, Lilibet Diana, who’s name caused quite a stir, will be christened, and it’ll be interesting to see how the royal family treats this newest addition. While there is no doubt love, there will always be a sense of estrangement as well. 

That’s the legacy Meghan and Harry will leave their children. One where they cling to their titles, but without any relationship with the family that’s made them famous and semi-relevant.

Ironically, this fractured relationship will damage Lilibet’s and Archie’s mental health in the future, and that of their children. For a couple that has been incredibly public about their own mental health struggles, it’s rather sad that the couple is oblivious to the damage that their decisions can cause their children.

So, is Prince Harry breaking the cycle, as he alluded to in his many recent interviews, or are his children going to become even more damaged that he is in their isolated and unattached existence? Only time will tell.

Picture from India Today.

9 thoughts on “Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Rift with the Royal Family Damage Their Children’s Mental Health?

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