Thomas Markle Threatens to Sue Harry and Meghan Over Right to See Grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet

Harry and Meghan enjoy suing any and every one, and now they might finally find themselves on the defense, as Meghan Markle’s father Thomas is threatening to sue in order to finally see his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet.

On her journey to the top, Meghan Markle has seemingly ghosted anyone who does not fit her narrative or is of use, this includes friends and members of her own family. Famously, her only blood relative at her wedding was her mother, Doria Ragland. Thomas, though he was allegedly supposed to attend, was in California recovering from heart surgery. 

However, most believe that Meghan never had any intention of having her father walk down the aisle. It was just another drama filled moment that the D-list actress carefully constructed in order to play the victim on the international stage.

But now Thomas is fighting back.

He’s allegedly threatening to sue Meghan to have the right to see her children, his grandchildren. 

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Thomas said, “We shouldn’t be punishing [Lili] for Meghan and Harry’s bad behavior.

“Archie and Lili are small children. They’re not politics. They’re not pawns. They’re not part of the game. And they’re also royal and entitled to the same rights as any other royal.”

He added, “…I will be petitioning the California courts for the rights to see my grandchildren in the very near future.”

Meghan “ghosted” her father after he collaborated with a paparazzi, who took pictures of Thomas supposedly preparing for the royal wedding in Mexico. The pictures inevitably ended up in the tabloids. 

In the days before the wedding, Thomas supposedly backed out at the last minute, leaving Prince Charles to walk Meghan down the aisle. However, there is no evidence that he had an invitation or a plane ticket.

The situation might be somewhat understandable for a different celebrity or due to an abusive childhood, but Meghan has a history of dropping people that she no longer feels are useful. It’s a narcissistic trait

What’s also very surprising is that Harry never met his future father-in-law. As far as the public is aware and based on Meghan’s own statements about how fantastic her father was, there was no reason why Harry shouldn’t have met the man who fathered his future wife. If he did, perhaps the marriage would have never happened.

While Thomas surely made a mistake, but was it one so horrific that he should be completely eliminated from the lives of his daughter and grandchildren? No.

But Meghan is determined to keep Harry and her children separated from any and everyone who questions her or her motivations.

Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have only seen Archie in person a handful of times. They’ve never met Lilibet, and it’s unlikely that they will. It’s incredibly abnormal and will likely have a negative impact on the two children going forward.

It’ll be incredibly interesting to see if he files suit and what will come out when he does. Meghan and Harry will no doubt bring out the full force of their legal team against Thomas, but this is unlikely to end well. However, it will likely result in more dirty laundry airing in public.  

Picture from The Express.

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