‘What Is Their Currency?’ Why Harry and Meghan’s Media Deals with Netflix and Spotify Are Likely to End in Failure

Harry and Meghan have been incredibly successful at getting businesses to buy into their brand, but is it all doomed to failure? Why the former royal couple may find that their titles and reputations only get them so far.

Getting mega deals with Netflix and Spotify are certainly accomplishments, but Harry and Meghan’s future is not assured at this point. In fact, it may all end in tears. 

This is royal correspondent Katie Nicholl’s assessment about the future of the Hollywood duo and alleged “producers”

Nicholl said in a recent podcast, “I think the biggest threat to Harry and Meghan, once these book deals are done and the podcasts are done and Spotify, then what is their currency?”

It’s a decent question.

At this point, it’s becoming clear that Harry and Meghan are struggling creatively. They’ve hired several producers, a sign that though they might claim the producer title, but they’re hiring other people to do the heavy lifting creatively.

This isn’t a surprise. Harry barely graduated high school and Meghan’s talents are limited to social climbing, hypocrisy, bullying and creating an average and rather uninspired (and badly branded) blog ‘The Tig,’ and they’ve both become experts at signing legal documents to sue anyone and everyone that runs afoul or dares to question the Duke and Duchess of Montecito.

But so far, a year after they’ve signed these deals, they’ve produced only one 35-minute Spotify episode, which was beaten by whale noises and quickly forgotten.

Netflix and Spotify are likely wondering if Harry and Meghan are really worth the money.

Yes, they have the car wreck appeal, people enjoy watching a disaster for some reason, but their currency globally is failing. Every time they open their mouths, especially Harry, they annoy the public even more.

Meghan’s children’s book was supposedly a “NY Times Bestseller,” but that could easily be manipulated as the newspaper doesn’t actually release its criteria for how it determines a bestseller.

For example, conservative books inexplicably don’t make the list sometimes. A book written by a self-identified duchess that fits all of the current social and woke criteria would clearly be accepted, whether it actually sold well or not. (In the U.K., the book only sold 3,212 copies.)

But either way, the couple don’t have the talent and have clearly bitten off more than they can chew. They’ll produce something, but off the backs of other more talented people. Archewell Productions may experience a modicum of success, but if their creations are ratings failures then they’ll soon find themselves on the unemployment line 

Businesses want to make money. A royal title got Harry and Meghan so far—however, they’ll only succeed if they are able to produce good, quality content. If they don’t, Netflix and Spotify won’t indulge them for long.

Because, like Nicholl asked, “What is their currency” without the royal family and connections? At the end of the day, they’re just a near high school dropout and a former d-list actress, nothing special, but don’t tell them that.

Picture from The Daily Beast.

10 thoughts on “‘What Is Their Currency?’ Why Harry and Meghan’s Media Deals with Netflix and Spotify Are Likely to End in Failure

  1. I Think Netflix, Spotify, Procter & Gamble will All Dump Prince Harry & Meghan Markle when all realized is No Money In Prince Harry & Meghan Markle


  2. I Think Meghan Markle Is on the same level as Amber Heard, Melania Trump, Hilaria Baldwin, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elaine Chao, Lara Trump, Nadine Macaluso, Chrissy Teigen, Blac Chyna, Omarosa Manigault Newman, Erika Jayne, Patrizia Reggiani,


  3. I Think Prince Harry Is on the same level as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, Brett Kavanaugh,


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