Meghan Markle’s Presidential Delusion – Why the Rumor that the Former Actress Is Interested in Becoming U.S. President Refuses to Die

Meghan Markle has bigger aspirations than the British royal family, she wants to control the United States nuclear codes. If she does, maybe she can nuke the British media which she hates so much.

That’s highly unlikely, but rumors about her alleged presidential aspirations refuse to die. 

Express again covered the former duchess’ political ambitions, though she may struggle to find a decent amount of support. 

A new poll shows that “Americans were split when asked ‘has Meghan and Harry’s marriage been good for Anglo/U.S. relations?’ with 51 percent saying Yes and 49 percent saying No.”

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, provided an interesting commentary on the results, said, “These figures are not encouraging. However, if a campaign was started she would have top backing in the Democratic Party and this might change public opinion.”

He added: “Meghan won’t be interested in the UK figure. She isn’t interested in ­popularity in the UK. The Sussexes are focused on the US and the wider world. There is so much rumour at the moment, I can’t see how she could be good for ­Anglo-American relations.”

With all due respect to Fitzwilliams, Meghan has a better chance at becoming Queen of the United Kingdom, without Harry as king, than becoming president of the United States.

Meghan Markle is a divisive figure and cannot handle criticism. How in the world would she even begin to hand the criticism and endless speculation and media coverage that comes with running for president? If she thought being a royal for two years was difficult, that has nothing on the U.S. media.

She would also be easily crushed in any Democrat primary debate, or, if she made it this far, presidential debate by this single question, ‘Meghan, you abandoned your royal duties less than two years after you became a duchess, can you guarantee the American people that you won’t do the same as President of the United States?”

What would she say? The U.S. press will be better than the U.K. so she doesn’t have to worry. She is now in control over her own destiny, so she won’t leave when things get difficult.

There’s no good answer that Meghan Markle can give to that question.

And what about her title, the Duchess of Sussex? Will she run for president as Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex? That’ll go over well in a country that fought an entire war to rid itself of a monarchy. 

Ann Widdecombe, a former senior politician, shared in an interview, “I don’t think she should be a politician. I think she’s much too ­self-focused. Some celebrities make the transition. Ronald Reagan is one. He was a good president and he was a very good actor. It is possible.

“Being a well-known actor or a well-known anything else shouldn’t preclude you from making a transition but it doesn’t make it any easier.”

Meghan would likely abhor the comparison to Ronald Reagan, who was a member of the dreaded republican party, but they do share one key difference, while Reagan may have been “a good actor,” the former royal was pretty terrible. There’s a reason she had only one long-term role and why she was looking to land a rich husband as that role was winding down. 

Her time was running out. As a woman pushing 40, her acting roles would be incredibly limited, especially as an actress who can’t act. 

Her time as president would be as good as her acting experience, terrible. She just simply isn’t likeable. People don’t like her, and they like Harry even less. At this point, she remains incredibly divisive, so the chances of her winning a U.S. Presidential Election are next to impossible.

But still, she may try. 

Picture from The Daily Express.

5 thoughts on “Meghan Markle’s Presidential Delusion – Why the Rumor that the Former Actress Is Interested in Becoming U.S. President Refuses to Die

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