Obama’s Will Choose Prince William Over Harry and Meghan Markle, Former President and Wife Distance Themselves from California Royals

Are Harry and Meghan as a-list as they think? The couple, who have dominated much of the gossip headlines for the last year, failed to secure an invite to Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash in Martha’s Vineyard and it’s recently come out that the former presidential couple would choose Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, over Harry and Meghan.

Their lack of an invitation is a bit of a surprise, as Harry and Meghan have spent much of the last year trying to cozy up to the Democrat political establishment. From their initiatives to their proselytizing, the couple are clearly trying to best immolate the United States progressive party.

But it seems like the love isn’t reciprocated, at least when it comes to the Obama’s.

Ironically, Barack and Meghan actually share a birthday, August 4. However, the Duchess of Montecito failed to secure an invite to one of the biggest birthday events of the year.

The Obama’s were also not involved with Meghan’s birthday 40×40 campaign. Neither Barack nor Michelle will be one of the 40 people featured, so does that mean that the ex-royals and the nation’s former first family had a falling out?


Or it could be that like everyone else in her life, Meghan has managed to burn the couple’s bridges with the Obamas. 

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, has shared her belief that the former president and first lady are distancing themselves from Harry and Meghan, and would choose the future king and his grandmother over the self-exiled royals.

Levin told The Sun, “The Obamas clearly always regarded Harry highly, but I am sure they can see through Meghan.

“They may stay around, but they won’t be as pally as they once were.”

She added, “I am told that despite claiming she was unable to attend, Meghan desperately wanted to be the special guest at the Obama’s amazing party. But the fact is, Harry and Meghan were never even on the original list.”

If true, this is quite a blow to Meghan, who allegedly has presidential ambitions. By all intents and purposes, the former presidential and royal couples should be rather close. However—Meghan has a rather consistent habit of damaging relationships with people who are unlike Meghan, i.e. narcissists and wannabes. 

Harry and the Obama’s were previously close, with Michelle participating in the Invictus Games. 

But that all changed when Meghan came on the scene. 

A possible reason is Meghan’s decision to stop by unannounced at one of Michelle Obama’s readings for her biography and demanded an audience, which apparently irked the former First Lady and her security detail. 

When asked about Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama said, “My hope is that, when I think about what they’re going through, I think about the importance of family and I just pray that there is forgiveness and there is clarity and love and resolve at some point in time.

“Because there’s nothing more important than family.”

It’s a sentiment that Meghan probably doesn’t appreciate, considering she’s distanced herself from her own family and Harry from his.

Clearly, the Obama’s are siding with the heirs to the throne and not Harry and Meghan. The former royal couple’s brand is an unknown quantity at this point, and the Obama’s are smart to stay away.

Picture from Elle.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Will Choose Prince William Over Harry and Meghan Markle, Former President and Wife Distance Themselves from California Royals

  1. Shame On Meghan Markle & Prince Harry for Used the Taliban takeover taking place in Afghanistan & the growing humanitarian disaster in Haiti For Publicity & Stay Relevant


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