Publicly Criticizing the Queen? Harry and Meghan Issuing New Legal Salvo Over New ‘Finding Freedom’ Claims

Harry and Meghan have once again released their legal dogs after Omid Scobie, the author and friend of the couple who authored “Finding Freedom,” released comments from the couple that could be seen as a criticism of the Queen.

According to Scobie, the couple were disappointed with how the Queen handled their allegations of racism within the royal family and that she hasn’t taken “full ownership” of it.

“Months later and little accountability has been taken,” Meghan’s friend told the authors

“How can you move forward with that?”

But how can the royal family move forward without concrete information? 

In public at least, Harry and Meghan were rather vague about when the incident occurred and refused to state who was the alleged racist or what was actually said. Perhaps more details were provided in person, but essentially the situation is a “he said, she said.” It’s impossible to prove whether it happened or not.

The alleged racist could deny the situation ever happened, could claim that it was an innocent question that was misconstrued or could say that the statement was something entirely different than what Harry and Meghan recalled. 

Even in the Oprah interview, the couple couldn’t recall what happened exactly. Meghan said it was several conversations that occurred while she was pregnant, and Harry said it was a single conversation that happened before their marriage.

“Recollections may vary,” as the palace stated after the interview, was accurate.

So, with all of these variables and inconsistencies, why should or would the palace issue a groveling apology to Harry and Meghan, as the couple seemingly want?

The Queen was smart to consider the situation carefully and keep the conversations within the family. After all, even police know that a crime witnessed by 20 people will have 20 different recollections. 

Meghan wasn’t even there for the conversation, so can she entirely trust what Harry recalled? And, after a while, a small comment could be blown out of proportion as time goes on or twisted by someone with an agenda.

Some have called Harry and Meghan out for supposedly “criticizing” the Queen with their comments in the book, and, in response, Harry and Meghan predictably fired back through their legal team. 

The statement said, “It is disingenuous to suggest there has been some kind of new development on this topic. All that has happened is that the authors of an unauthorised book, who do not speak for our clients and seem to rely on unnamed sources, have written about their take on matters.”

Their response is sadly expected at this point. Over the last year, Harry and Meghan have become synonymous with lawsuits, but another legal salvo won’t save their brand. 

Picture from Elle Magazine.

10 thoughts on “Publicly Criticizing the Queen? Harry and Meghan Issuing New Legal Salvo Over New ‘Finding Freedom’ Claims

  1. Shame On Meghan Markle & Prince Harry for Used the Taliban takeover taking place in Afghanistan & the growing humanitarian disaster in Haiti For Publicity & Stay Relevant


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