Meghan and Harry Considered Naming Royal in Alleged Race Row and Meghan ‘Worried’ Over Bullying Allegations, Per New Excerpts from ‘Finding Freedom’

The Times London is reporting on some of the latest excerpts from the new epilogue of Harry and Meghan’s hagiography “Finding Freedom,” sharing about how the couple considered naming the royal who made an alleged racist comment, Meghan was “worried” about bullying allegations (blaming the palace) and Harry is still frustrated that he could not lay a wreath on his behalf at Remembrance Day ceremony.

In their interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan was the first to share her belief that a member of the royal family made several racist comments about the couple’s unborn child, Archie. However, when Harry joined his wife, he said that there was a single interaction before the two even married.

When it comes to the allegation the palace responded by famously saying that “recollections vary” and that the matter would be handled within the family and not on the public stage.

But now it looks like Harry and Meghan considered “sharing this detail” with Oprah and the rest of the world.

Though few details were given, that the couple even would consider airing this grievance publicly demonstrates how badly Harry and Meghan wanted to damage the royal family. 

William was apparently furious about the claims, succinctly declaring to reporters who gathered to cover an event shortly following the interview that, “We’re very much not a racist family.”

Meghan and Harry have also (allegedly) believe that the Queen has not taken “full ownership” of the likely meritless allegation.

The blaming and complaining continues, with Meghan stating to pals that she’s “worried” about the bullying investigation and says that she still believes that it was part of a “calculated smear campaign” to discredit her.

A friend said, “It felt like certain individuals at the palace were doing their very best to undermine and discredit anything they worried the couple may or may not say during the interview.”

That might be true, except leaks about Meghan’s demanding and likely abusive behavior were coming out in the press long before the Oprah Winfrey interview. She was given the name “Duchess Difficult” within six months of marrying into the royal family.

The staffers and courtiers, who Meghan accuses of lying, worked diligently to try and prevent most of the stories from coming out about her.

In reality, Meghan should be rather worried. The investigation into the bullying allegations, which will not conclude until next year, may well very publicly dismantle Meghan’s already cracked image as a feminist and kind person.

Through “Finding Freedom” authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Harry also, again, complains again about being unable to have a wreath laid on his behalf for Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom. He was “saddened and disappointed by the decision.”

It’s unclear why Harry thought that he could have a wreath laid from himself, which is not what the royal family do. The members who lay wreaths do so on behalf of a specific military branches. Harry knows this. The only reason he could be upset is that somehow, he truly believes he is not only a prince, but the Duke and king of Montecito who should be treated as more important than even the Queen.

These latest statements continue to damage Harry and Meghan’s already fractured brand. “Finding Freedom” does nothing, and just reminds the public of how disconnected the couple are from reality.

Picture from The Washington Post.

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