Is Harry and Meghan’s ‘Tour’ of New York City One Giant Publicity Stunt for Upcoming Netflix Reality Show About Their Post-Royal Life?

Harry and Meghan have thankfully concluded their New York City trip, where they spent much of the time trying to convince the public, and really America, that they are the most important and influential couple and royals in the world. There is seemingly no reason why they should embark on this “tour,” since they represent no country or institution, other than themselves.

So, is this publicity stunt actually about the couple trading off their royal titles and names to create a crass reality television show about their post-royal life for Netflix? Are they really going to stoop that low?

If the cameraman following them, Meghan’s giant winter coats and the wire sticking out of Harry’s pants are any indication, the answer is yes.

This rumor first started to make the rounds after a camera captured a strange wire coming out of Harry’s pants, wrapping around his belt and leading to his pocket. It’s unclear what it is, but it appears like the cord for a hidden microphone.

Like something a person would wear on The Bachelor or another reality show.

It would also explain the reason why Meghan continues to wear heavy winter and shapeless coats in 80 degree and muggy weather. She’s also hiding a microphone.

Meghan has never mastered the fine art of being subtle.

The winter coats drew attention to her and her excess baby weight, that she was also trying to hide. Ironically, the media quickly picked up on her ridiculous attire.

And finally, there’s clearly a cameraman and some sort of producer following the couple around.

The cameraman and possible producer or sound person was clearly visible as they walked in and walked out of the U.N., at one point shoving his camera over the heads of the couple’s overly large entourage to capture them and the awaiting press.

He’s also visible while they are visiting the 9/11 memorial. Smoothly walking by the couple trying to capture the former royals in action, and ironically the press, following the tour itinerary clearly passed off by Harry and Meghan’s PR team.

If this is true, is there anything more crass, pathetic and low class than two royals doing a reality television show?

No doubt they’ll play it as a documentary, and as something wholly inspiring and a show that will change the world. But in reality, it’s just a giant publicity stunt and shows that they literally have nothing else to offer than their tenuous connection to the royal family.

If they have any talent for producing videos or podcasts, we have yet to see it. Harry’s documentary with Oprah Winfrey, which apparently started with a clandestine vision with the television mogul in London in 2018.

If the meeting is true, it’s just another sign that despite having a multimillion pound taxpayer funded wedding, tours and homes, they, more specifically Meghan, had no desire to stay in Britain unless they were the stars of the royal family.

If they continue these mini ‘tours,’ trying to make their own royal court in Montecito and pushing the real royals out of the news, it’s time to pull their titles. They are acting like heads of state, which they are not. That’s not remotely appropriate, and the Queen, Charles and William need to take action, before it goes too far.

Thankfully, for all, it’s finally over and they’ll be back to Montecito tomorrow and the press fervor will finally die down and we can look forward to The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine, attending the premier of the latest James Bond premier.

That will cleanse the pallet after an overload of Harry and Meghan.

7 thoughts on “Is Harry and Meghan’s ‘Tour’ of New York City One Giant Publicity Stunt for Upcoming Netflix Reality Show About Their Post-Royal Life?

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