The King and Queen of Hypocrisy – How Harry and Meghan’s Public Image is Taking a Hit as They Ignore Their Own Preaching

Harry and Meghan have concluded their recent tour of New York City for their upcoming reality television show, which by the end of it looked increasingly like a campaign to become the new king and queen of the United States. But will their dreams come true, or will they obtain the less flattering title, the King and Queen of Hypocrisy?

Between Meghan’s obscenely expensive $92,000 wardrobe for a three-day trip to their decision to use gas guzzling SUVsand private flights to travel between LA and NYC and a variety of other behavior is making the couple look increasingly out of touch and hypocritical.

Even before leaving the royal fold, Harry and his brother Prince William were passionate about climate change. But after Harry married Meghan, he’s increasingly followed her lead and travels via private jet as much as humanly possible.

While it’s understandable that sometimes they may need some security and an assistant or two, they seem to try and finagle a private flight every chance they get. 

No doubt increasing their carbon footprint, while telling the rest of the world that they must do more.

As Harry once said on Instagram, “With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.”

But that’s for the rest of the population, two self-exiled royals are of course exempt since they are more important. 

There’s also Meghan’s wardrobe, which cost an eye watering $91,689. Though some of that was jewelry, a single colorful and rather ugly pantsuit cost a staggering $7,500. And where did she wear it? Why to a school to visit children who have lunch assistance and read them her “book.”

If they are the globe-trotting humanitarians that they claim, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Meghan to spend less on her clothes and donate more to children in need? 

Ironically, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, recently wore some very affordable ensembles and looked infinitely more royal than Meghan in her $5,000 jacket. 

While the English taxpayers are no longer footing the bill for her excessive tastes, it seems like she still using someone else’s money, this time Netflix, to pay for her clothes while providing very little to others.

Not very charitable, is it? Especially as their Archewell “donation” was a measly $25,000, which cost a third of what she wore for three days.

Harry and Meghan also complain about the media, with Harry in particular once claiming that every click of a camera makes his blood boil and reminds him of his mother’s death.

But apparently, when their deal with Netflix is on the line, they are not only courting the mainstream media but actually having a reality television crew following them around.

The decision to turn their lives into reality television show is utterly classless for a royal and a sign of how low Harry has fallen, but it’s another double standard. They hate the media, and yet are now becoming deeply involved in the industry to turn a buck. 

And finally, Harry and Meghan made a point of hugging as many people as possible, especially children, in a likely attempt to prove how loving and kind they are to people. During one part of the tour, they were seemingly forcing children to engage in a group hugging session. 

But when was the last time Meghan hugged her father? When’s the last time Harry hugged his family members?

They seem content and enthusiastic to hug strangers, while either ignoring or damaging the relationships with those that should be the closest to them. 

How can they be so “loving,” if they aren’t talking with most of their family members?

They may consider their pseudo tour of New York City a success, but all it does is remind the public that they’re happy to lecture and unwilling to follow their own advice.

Picture from Getty Images.

7 thoughts on “The King and Queen of Hypocrisy – How Harry and Meghan’s Public Image is Taking a Hit as They Ignore Their Own Preaching

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