Harry and Meghan’s Upcoming Netflix Reality TV Show – How They May Finally Push the Royal Family Too Far

During their pseudo royal tour of NYC, Meghan and Harry were clearly filming a reality television show as part of their reportedly multimillion dollar deal for Netflix. But is this a mistake? Will the show be the final straw and result in the couple losing their titles and, perhaps, even Harry and his children’s place in the line of succession?

It’s possible.

Filming themselves traipsing around Manhattan is one thing, but have they been secretly recording members of the royal family to use?

For example, they may have secretly recorded some of their Zoom calls with the royals, including the Queen.

Imagine if one of the first episodes the couple finally introduced Lilibet to the world by sharing a video of the couple sharing the news with Prince Charles and Camilla or even the Queen.

Prince William and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, might be worried that the self-exiled royals recorded a video of their children or a tense conversation between William and Harry.

Of course, everything would be carefully edited to show the royal family in the worst possible light, furthering the Duke and Duchess of Montecito’s narrative of a toxic and horrific family atmosphere.

The latest trailer for the upcoming film Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart, would throw fuel on the fire since it appears to put the monarchy in the worse possible light.

But in their attempt to win the war of the royals and non-royals, they may finally lose their titles.

The outrage of filming and recording family members without their permission would be so enormous that the royal family may be finally able have enough ammunition to put an end to the California couple’s attempt to establish a new royal court on the other side of the Atlantic.

It’s one thing to claim that they were mistreated, but to record private family conversations would be a betrayal that could not stand.

The recordings may seem like a stretch, however, what else do Harry and Meghan have to offer.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that they don’t really have much else to peddle, but their royal connection. To share the royal’s most private moments could be considered gold, but would it cost them everything?

Will Harry and Meghan’s so-called Hollywood empire crumble if they are just Harry and Meghan, not the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and cut off from every royal event for the foreseeable future?

The answer is no.

They may be able to create a following, but they don’t have much to offer so far beyond the royal family connection. Harry is no longer a soldier and without being a royal, they’ll have to rely on Meghan’s acting skills, which are below average to say the least, and her ability to hustle.

Picture from Indi News.

5 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan’s Upcoming Netflix Reality TV Show – How They May Finally Push the Royal Family Too Far

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