Google is Going to Partner with Prince Harry’s Company Travalyst to Report All Flight Carbon Emissions. Are They Going to Start with Harry and Meghan?

Prince Harry is taking his climate change efforts to the sky, with the help of Google. The California-based royal is partnering with Google through his company Travalyst to report the carbon emissions from every global flight. 

The big question is, are they going to start with Harry and Meghan?

The announcement was made in part by Omid Scobie, the couple’s friend turned questionable royal reporter and biographer, highlighted the news. 

Writing on Twitter, “Google’s partnership with Prince Harry’s Travalyst is off to a flying start. The company announced today they will now report carbon emissions data for all flights. This is alongside the fuel-efficient routing options just added to Google Maps.”

Not sure how exactly this is supposed to help the world, though it would be nice if eco-conscious celebrities vacated first class so the underprivileged could experience the joys of a premium cabin experience. 

Also, when it comes to a 16-hour flight, any self-respecting person would choose first class over the horrors of coach. 

This question is especially fitting for Harry and Meghan, who’ve taken private flights routinely during their royal and post-royal lives. 

Will the couple’s private flight carbon emissions be reported to the world, which are no doubt far worse than then entire first class section of an Airbus A380?

The answer is no.

Harry and Meghan don’t lead by example, they simply preach, give the public empty platitudes that and expect them to do what the royal couple demand. This is just another example. 

They’re essentially telling the public to make themselves uncomfortable in economy seating on an airplane, but the former royals will continue taking private flights, including one rumored flight from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to attend a charity event to simply avoid the city’s horrific traffic.

It would be interesting to know what carbon footprint for that flight would be, but Harry and Meghan are not going to tell the public. The same goes for the Google executives who leave far larger carbon footprints than the average person, who push this agenda on the public from the comfort of their private planes, yachts and multimillion-dollar mansions. 

Perhaps the climate is changing, or maybe the planet goes through various hot and cold phases throughout its billions of years. This season is just hotter. 

Guilting the public into changing their travel arrangements is not the way to address climate change. If Harry and Meghan really cared about carbon emissions and its impact on the planet, they would worry less about people just trying to get by and more on their wealthy friends who lend them jets at a moment’s notice.

But, again, they aren’t going to do that, which makes this whole endeavor pointless.

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