To Christen or Not to Christen? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Confusing Story Regarding Baby Lilibet’s Christening

Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor has never been seen publicly, but so far in her short life she’s caused a fair amount of controversy. While most of it is surrounding her name, which was Queen Elizabeth’s precious childhood nickname and one that she apparently did not give the Sussex’s permission to use, but now most of the focus has turned to her christening.

Will it happen or not? And will it be in the U.K. or will the couple do it in California? Did they demand Queen Elizabeth be in attendance? Would it be at Windsor Castle? Were those requests denied? Were they planning on filming it for their upcoming Netflix reality television show?

Either way, there have been several different stories attached to the christening of baby Lili.

Initially, it came out that Harry and Meghan wanted a christening at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth II in attendance. As she did not attend Archie’s christening, or Prince Louis’ for that matter, it was unclear why she would attend Lilibet’s. This isn’t a surprise either for the older monarch. She has missed several of her great-grandchildren’s christenings. If she goes at all, it’s usually to the one held for her grandchildren’s first born grandchild.

The only possible reason is that the couple wanted Her Majesty there is to legitimize their decision to steal her childhood nickname, one only very privileged members of the family were allowed to use. She was so upset by the name, the Palace, on her behalf, publicly refuted the story the couple gave to the media.

The christening would have also reminded the world of their royal connection, and it could have also given them more material for their reality television show.

I personally believe, Lili will be revealed on the show to increase their ratings.

Apparently, the royals have wised up to the couple and that “is not happening.”

Now, the girl will he baptized in an Episcopalian Church in California, which is completely understandable and seems like the right way forward for a girl who is far removed from her English relatives and the throne—but this is not what Harry and Meghan wanted.

In their post-royal life, their branding has mostly focused on their royal connection, as fractured as it is. That Lili was not offered a full royal christening with all of the pomp and circumstance likely stung the couple. Who have been frustrated that their post-royal life lacks the air of royalty.

They fail to fully understand the irony of their current narrative.

Ingrid Seward, a well-regarded royal expert, has postulated that maybe Harry’s friends will come out, if he has any left.

She added: “I don’t think any members of the immediate Royal Family would have time [to fly over]. Their schedules are organised six months in advance.”

Would they even want to is a question. It’s not about Lili, I’m sure Prince William and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, would love to spend time with both of the Sussex children and see all the cousins playing together.

Unfortunately, for the time being, that door has been firmly closed by Harry and Meghan.

The whole situation alludes to the fact that Harry and Meghan have lost the trust of the royal family. If the situation was different and the Sussex’s weren’t so toxic, maybe Lili would get her royal christening.

But she is now a California girl. She will seemingly have minimal interaction with the royal family, unless Harry and Meghan can make money off of it.

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