The Palace Courtiers Are Publicly Calling Out Meghan Markle’s Political Meddling, Signaling the Monarchy’s Disapproval 

Meghan Markle is once again drawing the ire of the palace courtiers and the monarchy itself as she continues to very publicly meddle in U.S. domestic policy using her foreign title, the Duchess of Sussex. It could be a prelude to official action by the royal family.

Royals avoid making public proclamations about specific domestic policies that endorse one party in the U.K., sticking to more universal subjects like climate change and land mines, which usually expand beyond partisan politics.

Meghan Markle is not subscribing to this wise philosophy, and is instead becoming a public mouthpiece for the democrat party in the United States using her title to convey some sort of authority. 

It’s incredibly inappropriate, and the palace courtiers are finally making their frustrations known—signaling a growing disquiet with Meghan’s clear political ambitions and quest for power beyond the monarchy. 

According to The Sunday Times, which always uses impeccable sources and is considered one of the monarchy’s most trusted news outlets, hey believe Meghan is “using her title out of context.”

A palace source told The Times: “As a member of the royal family, if you use the title, it means you steer clear of those kinds of things. Otherwise you’re using the title out of context and people will question your motive. The royal family has no say in American politics. Campaigning is important, but there’s a difference between campaigning on ‘issues’ like the environment and mental health, and aligning yourself with policies.

“The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t have the right to have a more powerful voice [on the issue] than any other mother in America. She should not be playing in politics.” Another courtier described the intervention as “outrageous”.

It’s great to see the palace publicly condemning Meghan for her utterly egregious actions and clear political pandering to one American political party.

If she did so just under her name, Meghan Markle, that’s one thing. But using her title shows that she thinks she’s above the rest of the American public and pulling “rank” as one commentator wrote on The Daily Wire.

As an American citizen, it’s frustrating and beyond annoying to see an unelected ex-royal suddenly flex her imagined political muscle on behalf of one political party. If she’s advocating for climate change, sure, but she’s arguing on behalf of a $2+ trillion plan that does not have bipartisan support. 

If the Build Back Better Act passes, it’ll raise taxes on the rest of the public and saddle the country with even more debt. Republicans do have some interest in expanding family leave, but not with taxpayer dollars.

Meghan wants to use MY taxes to pay for HER pet project. 

We are a democracy, not a constitutional monarchy with King Harry and Queen Meghan. 

Though I’m sounding like a broken record, Prince Harry and his wife must be stripped of their titles. No doubt the monarchy is trying to protect Harry in preparation for the inevitable divorce, but Meghan is doing a lot of damage to the institution in the meantime. Stripping the couple of their titles and connection to the U.K., with some way to reintegrate Harry post-divorce, can help to minimize the damage.

Meghan is clearly only interested in pursuing her own interests and has absolutely no respect for Harry’s family, the crown or his country. They need to contain Megain Markle, and the only way to do that is to take some pretty drastic action.

21 thoughts on “The Palace Courtiers Are Publicly Calling Out Meghan Markle’s Political Meddling, Signaling the Monarchy’s Disapproval 

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