Prince Harry Hoping Prince Charles and Prince William ‘Beg’ for Him to Return to the U.K. and Royal Duties

Prince Harry has spent the last year lambasting his royal family and the way they raised him—but apparently, he’s hoping that his father and brother, Princes Charles and William, will beg for him to return to the U.K. and royal duties. 

If Harry truly believes that there is any chance that his family will beg him to return, then he has another thing coming.

The rather surprising claim was made by Richard Eden of The Daily Mail as part of the Palace Confidential. He said, “I think he would absolutely love it!”

“If the Royal Family come back begging, saying ‘please come back from Montecito, we need you back’.”

That’s probably true, Prince Harry would probably love it if his family begged for his return. Though Harry and Meghan have made a lot of noise as a couple in the United States with their various endeavors, they have failed to gain the prestige and influence they expected in the United States.

Coming to America as royals, Harry and Meghan believed that they would become more powerful than the House of Windsor. They constantly demonstrate this by releasing various statements that are designed as if they are the statesman and woman of this country.

For example, their statement on Afghanistan read like the word salad version of what a U.S. Senator or Representative would say. 

The couple wrote via Archewell: “When any person or community suffers, a piece of each of us does so with them, whether we realize it or not. And though we are not meant to live in a state of suffering, we, as a people, are being conditioned to accept it. It’s easy to find ourselves feeling powerless, but we can put our values into action — together.”

Harry and Meghan represent nothing but themselves, but they still continue to use their titles and make official statements as if they somehow represent the newly established royal court of Montecito. 

They are desperate to maintain their royal status and influence, even though they voluntarily left the royal family and the world sees them more as a joke than a powerhouse.

If Prince Charles and Prince William were to beg Harry to return, in a way it would validate his usefulness to the monarchy and his decision to leave. As if the royal family had no future without Harry in it.

But neither Charles or William are anxious or interested in Harry’s return to the royal fold, and they’ve officially moved on and there’s really no option for the dimwitted prince and his wife to return. At this point, they’re just hoping that he and Meghan will try to live the private life they originally promised the crown when Megxit was first announced in early 2020. 

While no doubt the Windsor’s are anxious to actually meet Lilibet in person and finally see Archie again, after reportedly only seeing him a handful of times in the U.K., Harry’s official life in the royal family is gone and he’s unlikely to ever regain it.

While Harry may think he’s saved his wife from misery in the U.K., but she’s destroyed the support he’s previously enjoyed in his home country. 

Hopefully, for the sake of the Queen, Harry and Meghan will be willing to bring their children over to the U.K. for Christmas, but that might be a longshot. In order to maintain her control, Harry must be continually separated from his family, and perhaps Harry might cave if he sees his family and country again. 

The collapse of Harry’s relationship with his family is incredibly sad. Though the Windsor’s have never been perfect, they’ve always seemed incredibly loving and protective of each other. The royal family once relied on Harry and Meghan, but the two destroyed the good will of an entire country.

Family meetings will be okay, but Harry will never be invited back into the full royal fold, unless Meghan is no longer in the picture.

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