Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Retaliate Against the BBC and Remove as Broadcaster for Charity Concert at Westminster Abbey After Documentary Row

Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have retaliated against the BBC after it released a damaging anti-monarchy and pro-Sussex documentary by dropping them as the broadcaster for an upcoming Christmas charity fundraiser. It’s a sign that the royal family is willing to boycott the British Broadcasting Company to protect its reputation.

This is a necessary, but unfortunate step for the royal family. The documentary, “The Princes and the Press,”  was designed to slander the monarchy and raise republican sentiments.

This break in what has normally been a close relationship began when an investigation revealed that BBC reporter Martin Bashir had lied to Princess Diana and her brother Earl Spencer in order to secure her explosive Panorama interview. 

It’s where she famously said, “There were three of us in this marriage.” The interview was so damaging that it was the catalyst for Prince and Princess of Wales divorce.

In addition, the information provided by Bashir to the Princess and her brother increased the Princess’ paranoia, and eventually led to her fateful decision to decline Scotland Yard protection. She would still be alive today if she had it.

Prince William was enraged by the report.

“I would like to thank Lord Dyson and his team for the report,” the Duke of Cambridge said in a statement that thanked investigator British judge John Anthony Dyson. “It is welcome that the BBC accepts Lord Dyson’s findings in full – which are extremely concerning – that BBC employees: lied and used fake documents to obtain the interview with my mother; made lurid and false claims about the Royal Family which played on her fears and fuelled paranoia; displayed woeful incompetence when investigating complaints and concerns about the programme; and were evasive in their reporting to the media and covered up what they knew from their internal investigation.”

William continued, “It is my view that the deceitful way the interview was obtained substantially influenced what my mother said. The interview was a major contribution to making my parents’ relationship worse and has since hurt countless others.”

The new documentary fractured the relationship between the royals and the BBC even further. 

Clearly biased against the monarchy. It did not give the palace an opportunity to review the footage beforehand, but it gave the Sussex’s a voice. Meghan Markle’s preferred reporter Omid Scobie was interviewed as well as her reputation lawyer, who denied bullying allegations.

The palace, with the support of all three royal houses, issued an extraordinary response and there were rumors that the monarchy would boycott the BBC.

Now, it seems like that has come to pass.

Though the BBC is producing the Christmas charity concert, it will not be broadcasting it. That honor will instead go to ITV, which left the network “surprised but delighted.”

This concert event will be held early next month and hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge and will benefit charities close to her and William’s heart. Perhaps, if the public is lucky and the BBC is unlucky, the Cambridge children will attend as well. 

Last December, the Cambridge family attended a British pantomime show, where the young royal children stole the show. To see the family again would be exciting.

But the royal family has to tread carefully. These are precarious times for the monarchy, especially as the Sussex’s have made allegations of racism within the royal fold and allegations against Prince Andrew remain an ever-present threat. 

Alienating one of the U.K.’s most prominent news agencies could work well, or it could result in even more damaging royal reports, but the monarchy must also protect its own. 

Either way, it will be lovely to hopefully see the entire Cambridge family attend a charity Christmas concert in the beautiful Westminster Abbey, where the couple shared their wedding vows ten years ago.

One thought on “Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Retaliate Against the BBC and Remove as Broadcaster for Charity Concert at Westminster Abbey After Documentary Row

  1. The BBC only has three questions to answer since we know Ms Markle recently lied in court:

    1) Were internet records of Markle’s past deleted?
    2) Were the Harkles investigating exiting their duties only weeks after the wedding?
    3) Does the BBC understand that if a person has an unpleasant personality you cannot make people like them? For example Hannibal Lecture and Adolph Hitler. Simply unlikeable as is Markle.


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