Was Meghan Markle Always Planning on Forcing Prince Harry Out of the Royal Family? Documentary Reveals Couple ‘Knew Within Days’ It Wasn’t Going to Work

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry looked deeply in love, or perhaps in lust, together on their wedding day, and the newly christened duchess seemed to have embraced her new family and life. After all, her ridiculously long veil contained the flowers of every Commonwealth country embroidered around it. However, the recently released documentary BBC2 “The Princes and the Press” revealed that the couple “knew within days” that the royal family would not work for them.

Royal expert Jonny Dymond revealed, “I mean, within days really. There were stories coming out about how Meghan behaved towards staff.”

Another royal expert Camilla Tominey chimed in, “We were getting briefings that all was not well, with the relationship between William and Harry, Meghan and Kate and the relationship between Harry and Meghan and the other royal households.”

It should be noted that despite negative reports already leaking about Meghan’s difficult behavior, nothing made it to press until about six months later in October. Notably, it was after her pregnancy announcement stunt at Princess Eugenie’s wedding that stories of Meghan being nicknamed Duchess Difficult started leaking out of royal circles like a faucet.

As it turns out, stealing a bride’s thunder on her wedding day in front of her entire family and loyal royal staff members was probably an exceptionally terrible idea.

Who knew, right?

As The Daily Beast highlighted at the time, “The same Mail report claimed that several Palace aides have moved on since Meghan’s arrival, and that she bombards staff with texts (up to 6 or 7 a day), that her fashion choices are causing raised eyebrows, and that there may be tension between Harry and Meghan, and Will and Kate, as well as tension between Meghan and Kate Middleton.”

The report went on to quote from The Sun, which stated: “Meghan can be difficult. She has very high standards and is used to working in a Hollywood environment. However, there’s a different degree of respect in the royal household and Kate has always been very careful about how she has acted around staff.”

This is also around the time that tiara tantrum story leaked and rumors that during the lead up to the wedding, Prince Harry was telling staff members, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

Not to mention the whole bridesmaid fitting debacle, whether it was over tights or Princess Charlotte’s exuberant behavior, which is completely normal for a little girl, clearly the sisters-in-law would never be close after that exchange. 

That it took a good six months for this to all come out is a miracle in and of itself, but it’s clear from the get go that Meghan’s attitude was a hinderance in the royal family, and nothing else. 

Members of the royal family, who are generally very gracious to their staff members, were horrified about what they were hearing, and it’s no surprise that it leaked. 

So, for Harry and Meghan to know that it wouldn’t work within days, was that the former actress’ plan from the jump? Was she really going to give up the trappings, influence and the mystique of the monarchy in order to finally make it to the Hollywood a-list?

Apparently so, but the cost for the couple has been extraordinarily high.

Harry is still probably not on good terms with any of his family members, and he no longer has any friends to speak of, unless they are Meghan approved of course. They’ve left the royal life behind and are now trying to become Hollywood royalty, a great step down from their previous positions, with mixed results. 

Meghan’s recent attempt at showing off her “fun” side on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show was a rather massive miscalculation, which resulted in near global mockery as she humiliated herself for the audience’s amusement.

The dimwitted prince has lived up to his moniker by telling Dax Shepard, and the world, that he doesn’t understand the First Amendment of the United States, which gives the basic protections of press, religion and the right to peaceably assemble. The concept is too complicated for him.

He should have taken notes from President Abraham Lincoln, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

It’s an adage that Harry should have taken to heart.

When Meghan married into the royal family, she clearly had an agenda: gain international fame, cultivate a following and then leave for Hollywood stardom and that pesky Oscar.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the couple, but this overarching plan could crash and burn if they’re not careful. Since their most notable project is a reality television show about themselves, it’s questionable whether they can really achieve this great triumph or if they will be revealed as a new modern version of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun on his wax wings and died.

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