BBC Reporter of Anti-Monarchy Documentary Apologizes After Tweets Found Disparaging Royal Family, Still Claims Series Is ‘Impartial’

Amol Rajan, who led the BBC2 documentary “The Princes and the Press,” has apologized after internet sleuths discovered the journalist’s disparaging tweets regarding various members of the British monarchy. In an effort to salvage is already highly maligned and biased production, Rajan also claims his work remains “impartial.”

It’s a hollow effort.

When “The Princes and the Press” came out, it was clear that the production had some anti-monarchy and pro-Sussex tones, with the BBC refusing to allow the palace a curtesy advanced viewing so that they could provide a response if warranted.

It seemed like, in the moment, the BBC was trying to portray itself as an institution against any meddling by the royal family and maintaining impartiality. However, it’s since come out that it’s leading journalist Rajan had a bit of an axe to grind with the royal family and has a connection to Meghan Markle’s camp through Misha Nonoo. 

Rajan has made several anti-royal tweets attacking members of the royal family directly.

After the 2012 Trooping of the Color event, which officially celebrates the Queen’s birthday and was also her Diamond Jubilee, Rajan tweeted, “This utterly relentless, spirit-crushing monarchist propaganda on the BBC is making me ill. Need to watch some sport, quick.”

When it came to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Rajan once wrote, “OH NO! The absurdly titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enter Guildhall in Cambridge. I’m getting married there next year. Must reconsider.”

He also called Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, out on her wedding day for doing a “false royal wave” that was “absurd, stilted, false, condescending manner of other royals.”

Well, Rajan should try waving while having billions of people watching you and signing your life away as you become the future Queen of England. 

The pressure is obviously intense.

Of the Prince of Wales, he also commented, “Prince Charles isn’t bright enough to realize the foundation of ethics is a refusal to accept nature’s cruel course. Not ‘harmony’ with it!”

Rajan also attended events with close friends of Meghan Markle, including Misha Nonoo, who collaborated with the former actress for one of her charity initiatives while still working as a royal.

The BBC struck down any talk that Rajan had any connection with Meghan or her associates. 

But when it comes to his reputation as a journalist on this topic, the damage is done.

As all this has come out, Rajan issued an apology, stating: “In reference to very reasonable questions about some foolish commentary from a former life, I want to say I deeply regret it.

“I wrote things that were rude and immature and I look back on them now with real embarrassment, and ask myself what I was thinking, frankly.

“I would like to say sorry for any offence they caused then or now.

“I’m completely committed to impartiality and hope our recent programmes can be judged on their merits.”

This plea rings hollow. 

Rajan is allowed to have an opinion about the monarchy—however, he produced and hosted a program that had clear bias and risked millions of dollars in ad revenue for the BBC by damaging their relationship with the monarchy. What if the BBC doesn’t broadcast the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee? Rajan will undoubtably take some blame for that.

As someone with a history of anti-royal comments, Rajan should have either passed on the project or engaged with a co-host who has a more positive view on the monarchy. This would have kept it a bit more balanced and avoided the increased likelihood that this documentary will be completely tossed and ignored. 

There were some interesting tidbits in the documentary, and it wasn’t all pro-Sussex, anti-monarchy, but his clear bias irreparably damages it in the public’s eye.

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