The Jubilee Mess – How Celebrations for Her Majesty Are Being Tarnished by Prince Andrew and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Queen will eventually celebrate the 70th year since her ascension to the throne, but instead of a restful year to commemorate her long decades of service, Her Majesty is dealing with the public humiliation of her favorite son Prince Andrew and the constant annoyance from her self-exiled grandson and his wife, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Given her age and the loss of her husband not even a year ago, this is likely not how the Queen thought her Platinum Jubilee would go.

As the country gears up for public celebrations, the Queen is having to carefully manage how involved her son and grandson will be in the various events.

There have already been conflicting reports about whether or not the two errant princes will receive a Jubilee medal, which is given out to troops and members of the royal family. Initially, as neither has an honorary military title, it was likely that both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, in addition to his wife Meghan, would be left off the medal list. Then that changed and suddenly they’re all getting a medal.

Not sure why, they surely don’t deserve it.

The palace is also looking into how to remove both Andrew and Harry as Counsellors of State, those who can complete certain important official duties on behalf of the Queen. It would take an Act of Parliament, but it’s clear that both have no future as working member of the royal family.

This fall from grace for the two royal relatives has been swift and happened in just the last couple of years.

Prince Andrew was officially stripped of his royal patronages, honorary military titles and the ability to use his HRH due to his ongoing civil trial in the United States against a woman who has accused him of sexual assault when she was 17, it’s unclear if he will be allowed to take part in any family celebrations. A balcony appearance is highly unlikely, unless he is literally as far away from the Queen as humanly possible, but it remains to be seen.

But the biggest problem by far remains Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The two former royals, who remain self-exiled in California while griping against every real or imaginary slight, have raised eyebrows already this year by demanding that the Home Office review and reinstate their status as internationally protected people. This would force governments around the world to pay for the couple’s security needs wherever they travel.

Without it, the couple have strongly implied that they will never step foot in the country again.

This is rather odd, as crime in California is spiking across the state, with especially follow home robberies becoming more and more frequent. The couple are far more at risk in the state they currently call home than in the country where Prince Harry spent his entire life before Meghan came into the picture.

In their statement, the couple made it clear in their recent statement regarding their lack of taxpayer funded security that they would not be back with their children without it. If they don’t travel back, then the Queen may never meet the great-granddaughter named after her.

But that’s probably what Meghan Markle wants. A year after their disastrous interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple are likely persona non grata with most of the royal family. While they want to see the children, they could deal without Harry and Meghan.

This acrimonious relationship will probably only sour further as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walk from one PR disaster into another. All of this taints what should be a happy and celebratory time for Her Majesty and the working members of the royal family. Hopefully, just for everyone’s sanity, Harry and Meghan stay in California and Andrew stays out of the limelight so that the weekend can focus simply on the Queen and her 70 selfless years of service.

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