Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Shady Businesses – Couple Files for Multiple Showbiz Companies with Nothing to Show

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced Megxit, they told the world that they wanted to continue serving others and the monarchy while making money at the same time. Altruism with a bit of entrepreneurial ambition. Well, as it turns out, that wasn’t entirely the case. The couple now have a stunning 11 showbiz style companies registered in their name in the tax haven state of Delaware, raising questions about the couple’s rather shady business practices.

There’s nothing wrong with show business, though most of the mainstream properties are going a little woke for most people nowadays. Prince Harry and Meghan are attempting to break into the hyper competitive environment of Hollywood, but while they’ve secured major deals they have yet to produce anything of note.

However, that hasn’t stopped them from setting up several showbiz style business in the filming capital of, um, Delaware?

As it turns out, the couple are doing all that they can to hide their assets from the prying eyes of the media, with the help of Meghan’s former entertainment lawyer and business manager.

In short, the whole thing is rather shady and shows how Meghan is likely to take her royal husband for everything that he is worth before leaving him out to dry.

Per The Telegraph, the two newest companies registered are Coverdale and Riversoul Productions Inc “are set up explicitly in the ‘entertainment’ industry, and join companies Hampshire LLC, Bridgemont LLC and IPHW LLC.”

Yet the couple have yet to produce a single shred of content, with the exception of one signal banal podcast episode for Spotify, where they essentially introduced their celebrity friends and did nothing else. The performance was only okay.

They also have two publishing companies, most notably Peca Publishing (named after Meghan’s obsessions her freckles), which holds the rights to her first publishing bomb “The Bench.” The other is Orinoco Publishing, which will help produce Prince Harry’s autobiography.

In addition, they also have those companies connected with their foundation Archewell and a couple of investment firms as well.

The Telegraph points out that “it is not uncommon for business leaders to set up multiple entities in the US, with experts suggesting the practice protects them from the potential failure of one company impacting on another.”

That sounds well and good, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not “business leaders.” They are a spoiled ex-royal and a has been actress who happen to have a fair amount of money, but not limitless funds.

The couple are creating company after company as if they are going to become the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, but they don’t have the business acumen to pull off managing all of these companies or the ability to produce compelling and original content that can make them millions or potentially billions.

Harry is dense as the day is long, and Meghan would have done this on her own if she could. As a couple, no doubt that Meghan has convinced her half-wit husband that they have limitless talent and creativity that can put them on the level of someone like Elon Musk in the business world or Ryan Murphy or Shonda Rhimes in the entertainment industry.

The difference is that these people have talent, skills, creativity, ingenuity and an aggressive ambition to succeed. Meghan and certainly Harry do not. They complain about everything and seemingly their only contribution to the world is division and their ability to file endless legal complaints and lawsuits.

So, the Sussex duo can register all of the businesses that they want, it’s just simply a way for Meghan to funnel money away from her royal husband and into her own coffers when their relationship goes sour.

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