Meghan Markle Tries Again to Steal the Media Spotlight Away from Catherine, Camilla and the Monarchy on Garter Day. It Fails.

Meghan Markle has tried yet again to steal focus away from Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, the monarchy as it commemorated the yearly Garter Day Ceremony. Despite knowing that there was a serious royal event on the calendar, an organization Meghan “secretly” visited in The Netherlands released previously unseen pictures.

It was seemingly another blatant attempt to try and take the media spotlight away from the crown. It failed.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, attended the Garter Day Ceremony at Windsor Castle, along with her husband Prince William, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who debuted her own Garter robes for the first time.

Catherine looked utterly resplendent in shades of blue, with her Alexander McQueen coat dress, Aquazurra pumps and tanzanite jewelry.

The future Princess of Wales also seemed thrilled as punch for her stepmother-in-law, giving her and Charles a giant smile as she joined Camilla in the carriage.

Once Prince Charles becomes King, no doubt Catherine will herself be inducted into the Most Notable Order of the Garter, the oldest order of chivalry in the world. It will be wonderful to see the new King and Queen Consort and Prince and Princess of Wales draped in those ancient velvet robes as they are driven by carriage through the strips of Windsor.

One of the people who should never expect her own invitation into the historic institution is Prince Charles’ other daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle, who oversaw the release of previously unseen pictures of herself at a Dutch nonprofit Project Fearless.

Supporting “girls and non-binary children,” Meghan, who has a failing business, provided “‘inspiring and encouraging’ feedback on the young people’s sustainable business pitches during the group’s entrepreneurship course.”

Though the pictures look well curated of Meghan looking engaged, thoughtful and, in one picture at least, somewhat confused.

That’s likely because the former actress doesn’t know how to turn an idea into a successful business. Archewell could only manage $50,000 in donations its first year, despite the public exposure she and Harry have. The Sussexes can’t get a podcast together to save their lives, and it’s been widely reported that Netflix is not happy with the couple who were very publicly humiliated and relegated to second-string royals who were unable to secure a meeting longer than 15 minutes with the Queen.

By-in-large, her and Harry’s efforts are a very public failure. That anyone thought she could offer any insights to young women beyond hollow platitudes and pretty word salad that means everything and nothing is beyond this publication.

Apparently, the release of the pictures were timed with the organization’s anniversary—however, it’s not the first time that Meghan has tried to overshadow the monarchy, Camilla in particular.

During her Megxit tour in March 2020, Meghan released pictures of her touring an exhibition of the National Theatre on the same day Camilla gave a historic speech regarding domestic violence, pushing the Duchess of Cornwall out of the news. It’s understood that the royals had all previously agreed to let Camilla lead the day.

But Meghan never cared. It was all about her, and still she’s trying to co-opt the royal calendar.

It didn’t seem to work this time.

All the attention is rightly on the Windsors and in Windsor. Catherine looked stunning. Camilla looked beautiful. Charles looked proud. And Prince William enjoyed time with his family.

The public is less and less interested in a washed up former actress and short-time duchess who seems intent on trying to make herself “royal” again.

2 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Tries Again to Steal the Media Spotlight Away from Catherine, Camilla and the Monarchy on Garter Day. It Fails.

  1. ❌On another topic, as an American, I don’t want them to be internationally protected. Can you imagine if they do?!!! Then because they live in the USA, every single time they go out shopping, even if they just go to Starbucks, the beach, travel, etc., they can have the roads closed, the stores closed, part of the beaches closed, etc., so they alone can use the facilities, and having security 24/7 paid by us, the tax payers, as a courtesy to the British Royal Family. That’s is NOT RIGHT!!! He says he’ll pay for it – at first, I’m sure eventually he’ll DEMAND for him not to pay for it at all!!! Let me repeat this, I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR THESE BRATS’ 24/7 HIGHLY TRAINED SECURITY!!!!!! ❌If the UK gives it to them, that would be RUDE to us ALL!!!!!❌


  2. Watch all your videos, love your content! Just watched about Harry’s speech at UN. Finally someone has pointed out that abortion is not a constitutional right!! He just looks so sad and angry, I hope he can get away from her soon. I love, love, love the BRF and love watching you. I am 70 yrs old btw.


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