Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Still Want Their Original Megxit Proposal, Believe They Should be King and Queen of the Commonwealth

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still want one clear thing—their initial Megxit proposal honored. Despite their claims of happiness in California, they want their royal lives back. Not only that, but they seem keen on campaigning for themselves as the king and queen of the Commonwealth.

Don’t believe me? 

Well then, check out, where the couple outlined their demands to the royal family, without the necessary leverage to make any of it happen.

Under their “Funding” tab, the couple self-answer the public’s possible questions in the way they believed the monarchy would. Needless to say, their fantasy vision didn’t become reality.

“By becoming financially independent, will The Duke and Duchess of Sussex be cutting ties with the monarchy?

As working members of the Royal Family, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain dedicated to maximising Her Majesty’s legacy both in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth. They will continue to proudly do so by supporting their patronages and carrying out works for The Monarchy within the UK or abroad, as called upon.”

What Harry and Meghan are essentially arguing that they would continue their royal roles and foreign tours as they saw fit, representing the monarchy when it was convenient and most advantageous to them. Taking flights around the world and touring countries, all on the U.K. government’s dime.

The palace, the Commonwealth and the British government did not agree.

But if their initial Megxit plan was rejected, why have that failure broadcast on their website?  

As Harry has gone on his media blitz to promote his memoir “Spare,” it’s become clear that the couple are very much still very much in thrall of the Commonwealth and never wanted to give up their roles.

In fact, it’s likely that they always saw themselves as the self-appointed king and queen of the Commonwealth.

The first sign of this delusional belief was Meghan’s veil, which featured the flowers of all the Commonwealth nations surrounding its border. 

Kensington Palace explained the decision in a statement: “Ms. Markle expressed the wish of having all 53 countries of the Commonwealth with her on her journey through the ceremony. Ms. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition.”

Meghan said in a later interview for the Queen of the World documentary, “[Harry was] really over the moon to find out that I would make this choice for our day together. I think the other members of the family had a similar reaction.”

But it’s more likely that the family was just plain confused. 

Does she know the Commonwealth is an economic agreement? Did Meghan realize she represents the U.K., and that her role as vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust doesn’t extend beyond something ceremonial. 

Most importantly, the only person in the royal family who ever had Commonwealth flowers sewn into her dress was the Queen at her coronation. Is Meghan Markle putting herself at the same level as the Queen?

For me, her decision and reasoning always struck me as incredibly odd and off-putting, but it was just a sign of a growing obsession.

After announcing Megxit to the world, the couple proved that the Commonwealth remained a key part of their plan, featuring it as one of three main tabs on their SussexRoyal website. They clearly believed that their future role with the monarchy wouldn’t involve serving the British people, but essentially getting a taxpayer funded vacations and the royal treatment wherever they went.

Being stripped of their roles was something they did not expect. 

So, when Netflix rolled around, Harry and Meghan did something rather clever (for once). 

Throughout the series, they leaned heavily on the Commonwealth and, at times, its history that includes slavery and abuse that ended decades if not centuries ago. As they went through the Commonwealth’s lows, they also wedged in comments about how Meghan Markle’s upper-middle class childhood in Los Angeles and privileged life in Toronto makes her the perfect candidate to connect with the destitute in South Africa. The people she deemed too risky to see her real engagement ring or any expensive jewelry. (For those unaware, that’s a bit of sarcasm.)

Her ethnicity makes her the perfect Commonwealth ambassador, they argued.

Why couldn’t the monarchy see that?

Harry has seemingly continued this narrative in his ITV interview, stating that he and Meghan would be happy to “serve the Commonwealth” if his father asked.

“So, you know, if my father asks us for support across the Commonwealth then that is certainly an open discussion,” he said.

He’s interested in serving the Commonwealth, not the British people.

Harry and Meghan are essentially implying that for the monarchy to continue, and more specifically the Commonwealth, they must take charge.

Given Meghan’s ethnic background as an African American, she can bond better with the people of India than Catherine The Princess of Wales can ever dream about. They should be essentially co-heirs with William and Catherine. The Prince and Princess of Wales get stuffy old Britain, while Harry and Meghan get the world.

Perhaps it seems delusional, but that seems to fit Harold and Meg perfectly these days. No wonder it failed.

In their desperate bid to compete and outstrip William and Catherine, Harry and Meghan made a grave error. Their subtle (and yet also obvious) bid to take over the Commonwealth failed, as they forgot two very important things. 

The first is that this cadre of nations is infinitely more interested in trading than two former royals. Harry and Meghan mean little without the power of the monarchy and the United Kingdom behind them.

And second, the King is head of the Commonwealth. It’s not a position up for debate or that must be filled with a diversity quota, but a hereditary one left by H.M. The Queen to her son, King Charles III.

Harold and Meg, need not apply.


2 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Still Want Their Original Megxit Proposal, Believe They Should be King and Queen of the Commonwealth

  1. The nerve the absolute nerve its the QUEENS n now the kings n prince williams legacy ibviously this has been Oprah n obamas the double OO idea all along their cabal has found a girl prompt her up to snare this prince n grab the commonwealth i see right thru it. Take away his titles let him be the earl of dunbarton divorce her m live in that castle n get regular therapy help to be be undoctrination from this cultish cabel

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  2. Dear Britanny, there was a recent podcast/video (late January 2023) from The Royal Grift in which she looked at some of the names the Prince acknowledged at the back of his memoir. It turned out that his therapist runs some sort of organization in CA such as you described, and in which his US family is involved.


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