The Queen Released Details About Her Upcoming Platinum Jubilee in 2022–Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Dare to Attend?

The royal family just released a tentative schedule for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, when she will celebrate 70 glorious years on the throne. It’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the United Kingdom’s longest serving monarch, something that will probably never happen again.

On this joyous occasion, will Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle dare to show their faces?

Apparently, Hollywood Harry is interested in attending, with his wife and two children in tow to capture that famous and historic balcony moment.

According to the official palace website, “There will be year-long Platinum Jubilee celebrations throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world as communities come together to celebrate The Queen’s historic reign.”

This year of celebration will culminate in four days of official celebrations, beginning on Thursday June 2.

It will start with the Trooping the Colour, the Queen’s official birthday parade, though Her Majesty was technically born in April. The parade will feature, “Over 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians will come together in the traditional Parade to mark The Queen’s official birthday, usually held on the second Saturday in June.”

On Friday there will be a Service of Thanksgiving, that will take place at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the monarchy’s largest location for such historic events and was the scene of Prince Charles’ wedding to then Lady Diana Spencer.

Saturday will feature the Derby at Epsom Downs. As an accomplished equestrian and passionate horse enthusiast, the day will be enjoyed by the Queen and other members of the royal family.

At the end of the four-day celebration, there will be a Big Jubilee Lunch where communities can get together to celebrate Her Majesty on Sunday. Finally, there will be a Platinum Jubilee Pageant that evening. It will feature “over 5,000 people from across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth will take place against the backdrop of Buckingham Palace and the surrounding streets. It will combine street arts, theatre, music, circus, carnival and costume and celebrate the service of Her Majesty’s reign, as well as honouring the collective service of people and communities across the country.”

So, will the Hollywood twosome try to crash the party?

That’s what insiders are saying, arguing that the couple plan on attending the various celebrations.

“Of course they’re invited, it’s a family event!” an insider shared with Page Six.

Normally, this wouldn’t be much of a surprise, as such a large event can easily bring in members of the family from across the world. But Harry and Meghan have spent the past couple of months publicly trashing his family and even the Queen’s parenting. 

Why would they want to come back? After tearing his family down, isn’t it a bit ridiculous for the couple to just waltz back into the country and expect to take part in this historic occasion as if nothing has happened? It’s also hypocritical, as the couple has spent much of the time complaining about the burden of royalty, while proudly losing their titles.

A poll posted on The Daily Express shows that there is only 3% of those that voted are interested in seeing the couple attend.

No doubt Harry, Archie and their daughter will receive an invitation and may even stand on the balcony, but Meghan will receive a frosty reception from the family and the people of the U.K. To avoid public outrage and booing, it would be best for the royals to avoid prominently displaying Prince Harry and his family or Harry could make the mature decision and stay in Montecito.

One of the ways the monarchy can do that is to do what they did during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, where the balcony only contained the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. But this time, it would be only the Queen, the Wales’ and the Cambridges’ with their children, those with direct responsibility for the throne. 

As Prince Harry and his wife chose Hollywood over family, they shouldn’t receive a prominent placement.

However, Meghan and Harry will likely pitch a fit if they aren’t included. After all, Meghan needs her title and the royal connects in order to make her life post-divorce.

Either way, it’ll be incredibly interesting and telling in how the royal family handles Harry and his family, if they all come.

At Royal New Network, we will be there covering the event and the celebrations firsthand. So, look forward to breaking coverage and compelling commentary in June 2022.

Picture from Cheat Sheet.

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