Prince Harry and Meghan’s Future at Spotify Threatened, As Couple Has Only Provided 35 Minutes of Content

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their multi-million-dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify, it was rather impressive, as neither had been involved in producing or podcasting before. A year on, the optimism now seems premature. 

It seems like Spotify is growing frustrated with the couple’s lack of product, having only produced one middling podcast for the holiday season, which at one point trailed whale noises that people can listen to while they fall asleep.

It doesn’t show a lot of confidence, and Spotify might be getting a little nervous about their potentially pricey investment in the former royal couple, especially after it was reported that the couple plan on taking potentially five months off after the birth of their daughter, Lilibet.

Phil Dampier recently told The Sun, “We’re being told they’re having up to five months off and people who are paying them a lot of money will expect something in return.

“They seem to be using up a lot of ammunition very early and putting a lot of stuff out there in terms of deals and agreements with lots of firms.

“The question might be asked whether they have too much on their plate.”

Well, it’s not that quite as much is that the couple just simply can’t deliver.

There’s never been any indication that Prince Harry had a creative bone in his body, and supposedly needed help to pass the art his art final in high school. If that’s true, then does he have the ability to create a weekly or even monthly podcast.

Even if the couple have more in the pipeline, as PR guru Mark Borowski has insinuated, they would still have to promote them and continue making more. If they’re taking a five-month break, as reports indicate, can they do what they need to do in order to make their investors happy?

In reality, probably not.

Omid Scobie, a fan of the couple who claims that he is a royal reporter, has insinuated that the couple plan on taking things slow and are more interested in establishing their legacy. 

However, businesses don’t care about your legacy. At the end of the day, even Hollywood, despite all its political posturing, is ruled by money. 

No one cares about their legacy. They may have royal titles, but that doesn’t mean much if they can’t help Netflix nor Spotify enhance their bottom line. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that they’re dropped from the companies or have been quietly let go. 

They did make grand promises, but, like so many things about the couple, it’s more hot air than actual ability or intelligence. It is clear that the couple thinks that their royal titles mean that the rules of business don’t apply to them. 

I think they’ll find out they’re sadly mistaken.

Picture from The Sun.

7 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan’s Future at Spotify Threatened, As Couple Has Only Provided 35 Minutes of Content

  1. I Think Netflix, Spotify, Procter & Gamble will All Dump Prince Harry & Meghan Markle when all realized is No Money In Prince Harry & Meghan Markle


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