Will Harry Reveal the Supposedly ‘Racist’ Royal to Generate Book Sales for His Memoir? 

There are reports that as part of Harry’s $15 million book deal, the California royal is being pressured by his publisher to tell the world who the alleged “racist” is in the royal family. If he does, it will irrevocably damage his brand and his relationship with his family members.

In March, Harry and Meghan Markle told the world and Oprah Winfrey that one member of the royal family made a racist comment about Archie, either before they were married or after Meghan was pregnant. The Duke and Duchess of Montecito couldn’t agree on when this was and wouldn’t reveal who the alleged “racist” was or what they said exactly.

It could have been an innocent comment wondering what a child between Harry and Meghan would look like, without a racist undertone.

But in order to capitalize on the Hollywood dream that Meghan pushed onto Harry and convinced him would make them more popular than the rest of his family, the errant royal will likely spill the beans. Making an allegation that is completely unsubstantiated, and could seriously damage his family’s reputation.

And the world could know this information sooner rather than later, at least according to The Sun.

The pressure is likely stemming from the royal’s fledgling popularity, as he and Meghan become more annoying to the public, with the hypocritical preaching on equity and climate change making them seem increasingly out of touch with the general public. 

But there is a car crash quality with Harry and Meghan. People are interested, but more in the gossip than anything else. And if Harry wants his multimillion-dollar pay day, he may have to name the family member who supposedly made the offensive comment. 

If he, does it’s possible that Harry’s relationships with this family members will never recover and threaten his title and his and his children’s place in the line of succession. 

But this is the life that Meghan chose for herself and Harry. 

As the Wall Street Journal alluded to, Harry and Meghan gave up real royalty to try and become Hollywood royalty. It’s a step down to say the least, and it comes with a steep price since they don’t have much to offer the entertainment industry, except their connection to the royal family.

They recently tried to capitalize on this connection when they went to New York City on a pseudo royal tour, where they acted as if they had the power of the monarchy behind them while filming it all for a Netflix reality TV show.

Needless to say, the whole thing fell flat.

They also haven’t produced and released anything at this point except for one short podcast for Spotify over a year ago.

Producing a podcast is pretty easy, especially with the couple’s multimillion dollar budget. But the best they could do is a 35-minute episode that was average at best? That’s not a good sign. 

Harry is under more and more pressure to spill all the dirt and throw his family under the bus to elevate him and Meghan to “sainthood” and continue the victim narrative for the sake of lining their bank account.

But this will have the exact opposite effect. 

Harry will find that it won’t receive the same reception as Princess Diana’s bombshell book with Andrew Morton. Instead, he will come across not as a prince, but as a simpleton, traitor and a man who is willing to sell his soul and relationship with his family for money.

There’s no going back from that, and, sadly, it’s unclear if he really understands the risks he’s taking.

Picture from The Daily Mail.

11 thoughts on “Will Harry Reveal the Supposedly ‘Racist’ Royal to Generate Book Sales for His Memoir? 

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