Will the Queen Ever Meet Her Namesake Lilibet? After Recent Health Scare, Harry and Meghan May Crash Royal Christmas If They Can Profit Off of It

Harry and Meghan are allegedly considering spending Christmas in the U.K. This year, which will be the first time that the couple has done this since 2018 and the first time with both Archie and their newborn daughter, Lilibet. However, will they receive a warm welcome from the family? Though the Queen recently had a health scare and spent time in the hospital, the royal family will be concerned that the purpose of the visit isn’t to enjoy family time, but to get more footage for their upcoming Netflix reality television show.

The Queen is 95-year-old, and there is growing evidence that the stalwart monarch is feeling the effects of her 70 years of continued service to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. This last week, the Queen canceled a trip to Northern Ireland at the last minute and spent the night in a hospital undergoing tests.

Though Prince William and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, and their children were recently at the airport heading out on a short trip, which could be a sign that the monarch is still doing well.

But with Queen Elizabeth II showing her age more and more, will this result in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle crashing this year’s Christmas celebrations to introduce their daughter Lilibet for Netflix? And if they do, where will they stay?

The rumors that Meghan will finally face the music and return to the Britain after avoiding her husband’s family and home country for nearly two years are rife. As part of the visit, the couple will likely bring their two children, Archie and Lilibet, neither of whom have ever spent time with the Queen and the rest of the family in Sandringham.

If they come, this will be the first time that the Queen meets her namesake great-granddaughter in person.

This is incredibly important, as the Queen should be able to enjoy time with all of her great-grandchildren in her twilight years. That Harry and Meghan have kept their children away from the rest of the family is very sad, so the family reunion would perhaps boost her Majesty’s spirits.

However, what will the couple do while in the U.K. with access to the royal family?

Meghan and Harry were caught trying to film and record inside the United Nations, and there are rumors that their visit was cut short in part because they did not disclose that these visits were really part of their upcoming reality television show.

A Christmas visit would be good for family relations, but another opportunity for Meghan Markle to exploit her tenuous royal family connections at the expense of the Queen and her husband and children’s relationships with his family.

Despite the risks, she’ll do it. The royal family knows this, and so if they come it’ll seem like the California-based couple are crashing the holiday celebrations.

No doubt, they will be barred from staying in Sandringham itself. After all, the royals will want to protect the Queen and themselves against clandestine recording by Harry and Meghan.

As a royal fiancé, Meghan and Harry stayed with Prince William, Catherine and their children in their home. This will probably not happen again, as there will be concerns about how the Sussex’s will exploit their time in Amner Hall with the Cambridge family.

It’ll be a bit of a mess and no doubt contain plenty of drama, but that’s what Meghan thrives on. She’s not interested in building family relationships or spending time with the elderly monarch who is her grandmother-in-law, unless it gains her something.

Hopefully, Her Majesty will finally get to meet Lilibet this Christmas, as it’s possible that it may be her last, but that will only happen if Meghan can profit off of it in some way.

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