Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Discuss Lying in Court in Upcoming Netflix Documentary Series? Probably Not.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix, which apparently includes a reality television show from the couple. Despite some terrible attempts to try and hide the crew, it’s clear that videographer and other crew members are clearly trying to follow the couple around, trying to capture every moment.

But will this crew capture the couple’s reaction when Meghan was revealed to the world as a liar? Probably not.

That a royal couple is even participating in a reality television series, which will likely be portrayed as a “documentary,” is rather pathetic.

They are supposedly the most charismatic, compassionate and talented couple in the entire world, that they have been relegated to something as pedestrian as a reality show demonstrates that the Sussex duo never really had anything to offer the world, but a title and themselves.

The camera crew was first noticed on their trip to New York City in October, where a subtle cameraman was clearly following the couple around with a producer or perhaps a sound person in tow. The couple were also clearly seen wearing microphones as they went through and did their various pseudo royal engagements.

New photos have revealed that the camera crew has continued to follow the couple, sometimes ridiculously trying to hide their equipment from the photographers, as they follow the couple again in New York as the attend the Salute to Freedom Gala.

According to The Daily Mail: “Journalists and photographers at the events were restricted, with information carefully distributed by the couple’s public relations team in the following days.

But in photographs exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com, a team of two women and one man were spotted bundling camera equipment hidden under coats and bags out of their high-end residence at 860 United Nations Plaza, setting up and filming Harry and Meghan – and even joining them in an Airstream van on their way to the veterans’ gala.

“The couple’s eight-man security team rented a fleet of cars including a Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade and a Mercedes Bluetec Airstream RV with blacked out windows to accommodate the ex-royals and the film crew.” 

The question is, will this documentary cover the revelation that Meghan lied to a U.K. court? And if they do, would they spin it as a drama-filled suspenseful moment when a member of their team “discovers” the supposedly lost text messages and emails?

Most likely, the couple will try to avoid covering the trial, if at all possible, or will try to deflect their culpability as much as possible.

However, if they do avoid covering the trial and the results of the appeal, no doubt their credibility will take another hit and never recover.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have seemingly given Netflix access to cover their lives and “work,” though what they do remains utterly unclear. The court case is a huge part of that. If they don’t cover it, then it looks like they’re trying to hide something from the rest of the world.  

Reality television is an illusion, but for it to really work there must be an element of authenticity and truth to it. If everything is fake, then people are more likely going to tune out and it becomes a television show. 

The Kardashian family, when their reality television show began, were pretty authentic. While certain situations were set up for the camera, they were mostly capturing their true family interactions. Both the good and the bad. 

Regardless of whether the situation is real or scripted, it requires drama. That Harry and Meghan are subscribing to that level of nonsense is so beneath a British royal. But the so-called Duchess of Sussex has always been vain and vapid. A reality show is her level. That she got Harry to go along with it is incredibly disappointing.

It won’t be until she divorces him that he will realize how perusing Hollywood fame and fortune is shallow.

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